407 Fixed Gear: Ronnie Govoruhk Jul 9, 2010

Antimo from 407 Fixed Gear spent some time with Ronnie and his camera and pulled together a pretty clean little edit. I like the flipped wheel pedal slides (how else would you describe it?). Keep it steaming down there in Orlando guys!

  • jake

    Always rode bikes, always will. I watch these “edits” though, and wonder why the hell everyone is going so slow???

    You can go pretty fast on a fixed gear…why aren’t people really gunning it when they do tricks? Seems like all would appear bigger and better.

    Just sayin’….I think this is why so many people complain that FGFS videos look lame.

  • Whats going on with fixed Gear

    What is going on with fixed gear biking. All i see is that people are just gaping shit, no tricks at all. 180, bunny bars and stair gaps, that all I see people doing. It seems like people are forgetting about tricks and just trying to do what everyone else is going. Put some trick into the lines. Stop with the Bunny bar shit, it’s played out already.

  • kennykaos

    sweet tits at the end!

  • Craig

    That was the funniest ending to an edit, ever.

    @jake: a lot of this is in slow-mo…

  • Eric

    That was the biggest bummer at 4:00, I don’t even understand how he was trying to land it.

  • Smelly

    I don’t like to talk shit, there’s too many punk kids doin that for me. But this edit really makes me want to put one of my own out. C’mon Ronnie, even I can do that shit and I’ve only been riding trick since February. I do like those weird slide half bar out things though, I’m gonna go try that right now.

  • cory

    i expected more from this dude in this edit, especially from that teaser that was put out of him

  • taylor

    Whats with all the hate? I thought the edit was well done, plus the editing was super super good and everything came together with the music. Kind of lame to see all this useless negativity.

  • +1 taylor.

  • miles mathia

    this edit was smooth and well made.im glad i see some florida cats out here having fun. keep it up man the edits i put out people just hated on my wheels for days, it aint no thang but a chicken wing.

  • Smelly

    Yo Ronnie, I’m takin’ that shit back. I watched it again and fuck, not everyone’s Willy Wonka. Your edit really just motivates me to go out there, put in work, and have fun. Now all I need is a nice ass camera.