2010 Celeste Bianchi Super Pista Jul 7, 2010

I will always love Celeste (#227) and the original Concepts are still, to this day, one of the few aluminum track bikes I’d ride on the street. For 2010, Bianchi re-isses the Concept once again under the Super Pista moniker. It’s back with what appears to be the original fork to boot. A handful of local shops will be getting these in, including City Grounds, Superb and others. Hit up your shop!

  • Lian

    I’m not trying to hate, but did they just go from pista concept –> super pista –> super pista concept?

  • Wish I never got rid of mine.

  • Lowell

    i wish they combined the D2 and the Concept. Basically take the front end of the D2 and the rear end of the concept and put them together for a beautiful yet tasteful bike

  • eric

    Awesome. So glad they brought back the original fork, right around when I’m looking for a new frameset! Definitely gonna be checking one of these out over at superb

  • ArenL

    i ride a Bianchi EV Boron Road bike, and i love Celeste.

  • Ya’ll catch that I used an old Bianchi ad from 1994 on this?

  • Nice call on that ad. From what I have heard all the original Bianchi Bikes were painted celeste because they scored a large amount of surplus military paint for cheap as they were on a tight budget, but then people really loved it so they continued to use it long after money was an issue. No clue if that is anywhere close to true. But I love the color!

  • kim

    thats why i love your blog. you don’t just post the same subjects as everyone else you put your own spin on things. Keep it up we love you in NZ!

  • Anthony Hernandez

    This isn’t the Celeste I’m used to. Why does it look so blue?

  • MARK

    i bought this frame a couple of months back and it’s awesome but i had one complaint: it wasn’t celeste. ergh.

  • alucard belmont

    @ jason . Yes that is true about the military paint,

    im so glad i sold mine on time. otherwise i would’ve gotten peanuts and walnuts for it.

  • Andy D

    Nice job Prolly. Wish this was a real ad. I love old school copy driven advertising.

  • The reason it looks blue-ish vs celeste is because the frame in the photo was shot under fluorescent lights.

    Generally Celeste (I was told the Pantone for jerseys is #333 but that might be just for textiles not PPG paint)when painted with the metallic pearl blue base will flip from the Queen’s Green to blue, depending on the light source. My 2008 T-Cube did that as well as my 2009 D2 Super Pista(should have never sold it, 1 of 100 from Treviglio)

  • paps

    That ad isn’t from 1994, it’s from 1984! I first saw that ad (minus the Super Pista) in a copy of Winning Bicycle Racing Illustrated when it ummm… first came out, and have been trying to track it down for years. Thanks for posting it!

  • Cyclestone

    Cool some one stole my scanned art, without giving any credit.  

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4264876479/