125 Jahre Diamant – Siegerrad, Mangelware, Kultobjekt Jul 16, 2010

Oh man. Tracko‘s struck gold with this one! What’s the back story here?

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  1. Sven says:

    its a teaser for the 30min docu about the 125 years of the east-german bicycle brand “diamant”. the docu is available, but only in german. the history, the gold medals, the bicycles, the track history, the end, the break of the wall, incl an interview with track-champ michael huebner

  2. Hey, Johnny! It’s a documentary about Diamant, the German bicycle manufacturer that just turned 125 this year.

    I posted it up on mine.

    See you this weekend.

  3. Martin says:

    Thanks for posting! This is an excerpt from a German TV production in coorporation with e r t z u i ° film of Leipzig. Its a documentary on on one Germanies oldest bicycling manufacturer “Diamant” (translate: Diamond). This film features cycling greats like track racing legend Michael “The Beast of The East” Huebner and Mr. Course – de – Paix Gustav Adolf “Taeve” Schur and collectors as well as employees and their relationship to Diamant.

    You can watch the whole film here:


    (no German overvoice / narrator)

    Check minute 20:00 when Huebner gets on his old bike again to ride the track!

    more e r t z u i ° film projects on