WRAHW Welcomes Kareem Shehab Jun 7, 2010

WRAHW Welcomes Kareem Shehab from WRAHW on Vimeo.

The Wrahw blood fam gets a little thicker with its newest inductee Kareem Shehab. Pretty solid edit with some big feebles and park riding!

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  • jayjay

    Holy shit that was one hell of a long grind there at the end.

  • Haha, “Should I do it one more time?”

    So good!!! Super dialed in on those grinds.

    Poor squirrel got the raw deal, though. No pun intended…

  • tom

    way to snake the little kid on the razor scoter
    way to make it rain with your trustfund money

    grinds were sick though

  • rollerbladers are gay

    u can always tell the people who rollerbladed. do something without grinding on pegs pozer

  • this guy makes bmx tricks on fixed look even dumber than it already is