Work Bike: Maurice’s Marinoni Jun 23, 2010

I love work bikes, in fact, I love them so much that it’s one of my new categories in the works. People love seeing track bikes on the street and the more time one spends on the street, the more character it gets. Take Maurice’s Marinoni for example. This thing is oozing with sexiness.

Check out some more photos below!

Yes, those are extra spokes. Not a bad thing to carry around with you, especially with the roads being in such poor condition after a bad winter.

The flat fork crown ‘Nonis are so gorgeous. There’s just something very classic about them.

A little surface rust never hurt anything.

Modern campy cranks to keep it rolling.

Again with the cast maple leaves.

In case you didn’t know this was NYC, I gave you a little context.

While I’d love to see this frame, as-is, with a mid-80’s Campy group on it, it’s still got a ton of character.

… and very clean lines!

Work Bike: Jordan’s Gan Well Pro

  • Benson

    Battle scars I love it soo sexy

  • Alex Lee

    Such a sick bike. I saw it at BFF and I couldn’t tell it was a Marioni because of how well it was worn in until I looked at the seat stays stamped.

  • Craig

    Bamf bike. I can’t wait till mine has this kind of character.

  • great idea to have a work bike category, they have so much personality. one improvement would be to also take a photo of the rider and there bicycle, to show how the bicycle is a part of the persons personality.

  • I really dig these types of posts. I like jdub’s idea of showing the owner as well.

    More posts like this, please!

  • Andrew


  • Yeah, but people like anonymity. Everyone on the internet is so quick to judge people, I’d rather it just be the bike ya know?

  • rdrey

    great bike. keep the work bike posts comin’!

  • yeah i thought about that. either way keep these posts up there a great addition.

  • Gordon

    IMHO, I really like jdub’s idea, too. Maybe you could ask each person if they’d like to have a pic taken with their bike?

  • maurice

    thanks john!!!!!!

  • ryan

    people should just do whatever the fuck they want

  • That top picture is very familiar…where have I seen it?

  • Tracko, not the same at all man. You’ve got a better eye than that. I take my side shots so that the bars disappear behind each other and I’ve been doing that for some time now.


  • Baron von Drais

    While I read that the seat stay caps and fork crown are thought to be stamped or cast, they are in fact engraved/pantographed. Nice bike. I never get enough of seeing the Canadian Maple Leaf.