What’s Going on With GOrilla? Jun 7, 2010

So this has been floating around for a while now and I just wanna figure out what’s going on. First I saw it on Torey’s Facebook and now others are saying the same thing. Does someone know what the hell is going on? Is GOrilla extinct? I fucking hope not.

Details people, details!

  • cody

    New frameset? Everyone (except Torey) on the GOrilla team is rocking dual 26ers.

  • michael brewer

    I was talking to Torey the other day and he was saying he loves the bikes just wasnt feeling the company. Mike’s status on facebook was the same.

  • There is speculation that the team might go elsewhere but the company is staying put. Just rumors though, I am not positive.

  • hey,

    as far as I know, Gorila is staying put despite several economic misplacements. i mean they spent a lot of money on supporting the scene with producing Daniel Leeb’s “Soul of Steel” and puting out Kilroy.

    for me Gorila is the epitomy of fixed gear culture. they combine Italian framebuilding history and craftmanship with supporting dudes like WRAWH and Wonka over at the states. you guys shouldnt give them up! they are family men doing this thing and although sometimes it might be hard it has produced great stuff.

    If CMX america decides to break this link it is another blow on having freestyle and pista bikes on the same scene. like the stuff this blog is supporting.

    at least thats my opinion…

  • RJCrouch

    Has Wonka said anything? I wonder what the company has been doing behind closed doors to make them act like that … or maybe this is all some kind of publicity stunt ….

  • I got an email today, at least two of the guys who were on gorilla are on a new team, but that’s all I’m saying. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out if you look around the intertubes…

  • Nundty

    To my understanding we will be seeing what’s up at BFF NYC. I thinknoverall GOrilla is a pretty awesome brand, but with the speed of progression of parts/frames etc things are gonna be happening that shock people for a while to come. If I remember correctly, Animal just lost a few riders to other companies. Just natural progression? We will see I guess.

  • Pushakey

    the only people who do anything for the love of the culture are people who dont really profit from it, once u start getting close to the money, it becomes the focus, this is true for everything, not just bikes…a brand isnt a person, its a business that is connecting to a market…this is what capitalism is all about…

  • Sean

    I heard they were going out of business. Oh well, I still fucking love my frame.

  • Maybe they were tired of making other guys rich and decided to work for themselves and create there own company to produce something bigger and better for everyone.

    Just a guess.

  • Still waiting for my DAMN Kilroy for over almost 2 months now :-/

  • Harkan

    Out of business, Gorilla? I dont think so, they are owned by Freitag bags, those guys are loaded.

    Made in Italy! I dont think so, maybe some frames, but the Hattara looks like a Bareknuckle.

  • Fio

    Is it true Gorilla owned by Freitag?
    Btw Freitag bags are awesome!

  • gorilla thomas

    Hi guys, this is Thomas from Gorilla Bicycles. I founded Gorilla and so forth … my reply to this chat might be late. It will soon be time for an “official” statement regarding the survival of our species. I can only say we have not done anything behing the curtains, just could not offer what it needed in order to keep with the pace. We just go through some really difficult times for certain reasons. I appologize for not being more communicative in the last few months and really regret that Wonka is not riding with us anymore. I understand and respect his decision and am glad that the Grime frames are made in Brooklyn – good on ya Ed. From our side: more to come … by the way: all our stuff is hand crafted in Italy – including the Bareknuckle “look-alike” Hattara.