Vintage Caceg Track Bike Jun 28, 2010

Man, it’s not everyday that something like this pops up on eBay. This Caceg track bike has all the details of the golden era of Italian craftsmanship. I’d take this frame over my current track bike! Too bad it’s a bit too small. Wanna see more photos?

Check them out, along with the link to the auction below!

A split seat tube for shorter wheelbase made from Columbus tubing.

Fillet-brazing? So nice!

This is one Beautiful Bicycle. Now head over eBay to see how much it’ll go for!

  • unknown bike Co

    oh my holy bitch whore(god)
    so sexy

  • Gene Kahn

    ***Where’s my old Frejus when I need it?
    What a piece of work! Ah, those Italians,
    they know. They know.

  • pierreb16

    caceg is an old french manufacturer, near paris, montreuil, not italian

  • This is actualy a french manucfacture and here is another version of the excat same bike before the german (living in Paris) holder decided to mount it with older elements

  • But, as you noticed it, it has the italian Chrome Style someone reminds me

  • Eilif Knutson

    Im working with a frame builder to shorten the wheel base of my cutter gen 1. I was going to go with a bent seat tube but that is turning out to be a headache. Probably going to go with something like this!


  • i am sorry it lacks an english translation, here is something similar made by some dudes in milano, italy.

  • king diamond

    Thanks Genius for advertising on here to drive up the fucking price, there is a good chance it would of went under the radar, but instead we get fucking tire kickers like you, who have no interest in buying the fucker, but instead you draw attention to it so all your fake ass hipster buddies can drive the fucking price up just so they can play polo on this beautiful bike & never let it roll on a velodrome ever again!

  • hey king diamond I like your music! thanks for posting!