Tuesday Teardown: Witchaven – “Empty Chasm” Jun 8, 2010

A blackened, dbeat-infused melee of crusty thrash with political overtones. There, that’s my one-sentence description of Witchaven. LA’s thrash scene has been dying a slow and awkward death for years and bands like these guys make me confident that there’s still talent over on the Left Coast. Their newest album, Terrorstorm absolutely crushes! Tuesday Teardowns will bring you the fucking jams all Summer. Now go shred!

  • “dying a slow and awkward death for years”

    What are you talking about? There’s loads of young, new and most importantly good Thrash bands from California for the past few years.

  • No, there’s not…. I want names!

  • Jamus

    My Pal The Crook

    what the fuck are you talkin about? All the good thrash and blackened shit comes from Ohio and Germany nowadays. I live in LA and the music scene there is ball-sucking dead. All these faggots suck and can’t get down like the real bands. Give me Nocturnal and Skeletonwitch over any LA hipster bitches anyday.

    LA thrash has been as dead as the LA metal scene.

    all posuers.

  • katie

    cosign. I live in LA and I wish there was good thrash and metal here. Its all hipster hair and crying emo garbage.

  • ross

    the album cover kinda reminds me of ‘dawn of the black hearts’ with dead’s skull blown open

  • Here you go dudes, all Cali based and good Thrash /Crossover started up in the past few years:

    • Bonded by Blood (Pomona)
    • Fueled by Fire (LA)
    • Merciless Death (LA)
    • Desolator (LA)
    • Demonslaught
    • Warbringer
    • Dekapitator (not that new, but one album in 96, follow up in 07 I think these guys should count in the new wave)
    • Maledict
    • Hatchet (Bay Area)
    • Hexen (LA)
    • Execution (LA)
    • Dismantle (LA)
    • and Witchaven makes thirteen right there!

    So for those of you who actually live in LA and want to claim LA has no thrash scene, I don’t know what to tell you especially if you dudes get down with Municipal Waste, Skeleton Witch and the like.

  • Jamus, you like that Nocturnal album? So good. My Pal has a point…