Tod Seelie: Empire Begins World Premiere Jun 25, 2010

Photo by Tod Seelie

Well, the world premiere came and went and overall, was welcomed with enthusiasm from everyone. Empire is now going to be released this fall and we’re all beyond stoked to have been a part of one of the first feature films on riding your bike in NYC. Many thanks to Luke and Crihs for including me in this project!

What did you guys think of it?

  • d.patrick

    prolly is that you 3rd row back 2nd in?

    i thought the film was good. i would have broken up the middle with more cmx in between the people simply riding around. over all though i thought it was awesome. im glad i was able to see it on the big screen thanks to brooklyn brewery and their giveaway.

  • yep!

  • chris

    Great soundtrack and a nice blend of riding styles.Some parts though were kind of lackluster and I felt like I was paying to watch people do something I do on a regular basis.Tom and kai had my favorite parts And I liked bits and pieces of everyone parts.Honorable mention to wonka’s part for making me laugh out loud a few times.

  • rdrey

    curious: what was the breakdown between urban rippin’ vs. fgfs? 50/50? look foward to seeing this in dc later this summer (why no bff in philly?? :( )

  • i really enjoyed the film. one of the better soundtracks i have seen in a bike film. the transitions could have been a little smoother, and the some of the riding was a little less than interesting. however, on a whole, it was amazing. tom’s section was probably the best i have seen in any fixed gear film. definitely on par with anything in the genre if not best of.

  • Luke

    @chris, please email me at luke DOT stiles AT gmail DOT com with more specific thoughts. We’re finalizing the DVD over the next month and all input is welcome. Anything you share with me will be kept private.

    @rdey the film is weighted heavily towards traffic riding.

  • I think it’s great that city riding makes up a good part of the film. Luke, Crihs, everyone else involved- good on ya for getting your bikes out of the parking lot and on to the street. I’m bummed I missed the premiere and look forward to seeing it out here on the West Coast.