This Isn’t a Merckx Mondays Post Jun 2, 2010

This isn’t a Merckx Mondays post but damn, it’s a sight for sore eyes! Hrrundel‘s newest acquisitions are a thing of beauty. In fact, most of his bikes are impeccibly-built and dancing the line of “wall-hangers” and “I wanna thrash the hell out of this thing”. Well, truth be told, there’s no line, these bikes want to be thrashed.

Wanna see more? Just browse some of his Flickr photos!

  • wade

    every man’s dream – TWINS!

  • chris

    Know anything about the person/shop doing the restoration on these babies John??

  • jordan

    his bike collection is killing me!!!
    i would kill for any one of his bikes

  • Fydelcashflow

    Check his not one but two cinelli lasers. It makes me sick with envy.