The Rock ‘N’ Roll Carnival x Track Heads Jun 1, 2010

TRICK CONTEST @ “THE ROCK’N’ ROLL CARNIVAL x TRACK HEADS” from soundboarding sub on Vimeo.

Dude, seriously??! What the hell was Jun trying to pull off all those times? This guy has some incredible energy and it got him the first place prize at the The Rock ‘N’ Roll Carnival x Track Heads trick contest.

Japan is always finding new ways to infuse energy into this sport!

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    First impression was “I would have liked to have seen everyone get more use out of the box, rail.” However, I Still love how the Japanese get buck and do everything 100mph. I’d love to see more hits by the dude doing some fixed flatland in here!

  • JJ

    He does what have been missing in flatland for a long time and what is needed to get the forces up.. speed!
    I think its so uncommon because flatland ppl tend to not like the slam part much hence why they do flatland.

    To bad he didnt have better grip!

  • Steve

    it’s pronounced fratrand