The Future of Fixed Freestyle: Cycroc FLAT-1 Jun 30, 2010

Photo by Satoshi Hashimoto

With everyone scrambling to 26″ fixed, you gotta ask yourself, why not 20″ fixed? These Cyroc frames, and other similar frames for that matter, offer a unique riding experience without compromising wheel strength. We saw one edit earlier today and you may recall the many other cameos these frames have made in the Shiba Friday edits. I dunno guys, I think this may be where everyone’s going!

  • hawkeye

    first off, i skateboard (and have been for too many years(or not enough)),so i have no say in what goes on, but why not ride a bmx bike, or even a mountain bike? it really looks like ”cmx” is going towards either of those. i personally like the 700c trick/track riding, but if people are riding fixed gear dirt jumpers/mountain bikes, why not just get a bmx?

  • miguel

    cuz if it aint fixed, its broken

  • jus sayin’ Congo killed the bunnyhop at the BFF on a large 700c frame.

  • Tyler Johnson

    The shadow v2 will be for 20inch wheels… I mean heck look at that barspin clearance!

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Anything fixed is great, but then again the whole tricking on track frames broke away from BMX by riding 700C. In the end who’s really in the position to hate on the wheel size you choose to ride fixed?

  • mini 20s are sO FUN!!! we will hav som ready REAL SOON!!! i am actually painting my FRAME this week. we will be hosting mini polo games n the back of the [email protected] Design Gruppe’s shop in Hunttington Beach CA. but wen it comes to REALLY trickin i [email protected] 700s!!!

  • hunter

    dont forget about pedal strike

  • i got stuck riding one of these frames while i was out in NYC for Bicycle Film Festival, and I have to say no way. I’ll take a regular track bike any day of the week. Way too snappy and twitchy. Everytime I turned my back on this to go shoot, either Antonyo or Congo or Gus or Silky were doing tricks on it, and it definitely couldn’t handle the punishment. And by not being able to handle the punishment, I mean the crank arm came flying off on the second day with it because of the tricks. Last day in town Tyler Johnson had to tow me around town on the bike as it was about to fall apart if I pedaled.

  • Faul

    Why don’t we just make a Fixed BMX?

  • joe

    maybe if you make the frame smaller, with some high-rise bars, and then add a freewheel, oh wait!

  • Looks kinda silly to me.

  • you little shit-stirrer john

  • sean[JAM]

    It seems slightly similar to the idea behind the Sillgey Piccolo. That said, it’d be interesting to see how it performs as a polo bike… I guess.

  • TJ

    It certainly solves the toe-overlap problem.
    But I’d make the frame lower for better clearance. Then compensate for the shorter headtube by using taller bars. Oh…wait… that’s a BMX!

  • Ben

    That thing look ridiculous. Get real and just BMX, it’s far more versatile and durable than this disproportionate abomination.

  • vic.#

    i think bikes kook real ugly with those small wheels.
    26” , ok but 20″ is way too small. better use a bmx, i thing.

  • Oh boy, that’s so funny.

  • radam

    IMO def not the future of FF, but that bike looks fun as hell.

  • hey man, you say that now! haha

  • daniel silver

    Dont I remember the curator of this blog talking all sorts of shit when the first bike like this came out a while agoowledge something like this as noteworthy (26 in wheels to for that matter, I believe). Four years ago when everyone who knew doing tricks on a track bike was just a 1/2 assed attempt to look like an “xtreme” type of person without taking any actual risks said thAt this was the logical evolution for any bike on which people to do tricks. You guys all scoffed at this notion, refusing to believe that the changing dim. of bmx’s over the years is a major part in how much the sport has evolved. I guess those womens size 4 jeans you all squeeze your 200 pound asses into really are cutting off your circulation.

  • Daniel, dude, what are you even trying to say? It’s satire homie, chill! I never talked shit on these bikes. I said they looked fun.

    I don’t wear womens jeans either. I wear dresses and skirts.

  • jeff

    Id love one of these for a delivery bike. EPIC BASKET CLEARANCE.

  • Rui

    I am the only one who finds it ridiculously funny that that thing has 20 inch deep v’s on it?

  • Just sayin’

    Welcome to the death of all things fixed-gear. Just waiting for recumbent and folding bikes to go fixed. This really makes me wanna go grab my old cassette hub from the garage.

  • this reminds me of my bmx days of the 80s, only larger. back then when i used to race bmx, there were a number of us that had these little mini BMX bikes for kids, with little tiny wheels. we’d put a long laid back seat post and some huge CW bars on them and slightly larger cranks and it was like the thing you cruised around the track on to go chat with your friends. utterly ridiculous, haha. but then again we also wore hot pink leathers.

  • ra

    you guys are taking this post too serious. this bike came out a while back. it was never meant to be a “serious” frame…more of a casual fit-in-tiny-japanese-apartments-bike.

  • el

    oh i can’t wait to see people riding these clown bikes around and doing bar spins…really now…deep v’s on a 20″ what’s the point

  • Jerry Tyrone

    They look fun to just mess around on. have fun and ride. this thing is funny.

  • Rui

    No need to wait on folding fixed, there is girl in my neighborhood that fides a white folding Dahon that is converted to fixed.

    As for recumbent, unlikely due to the mechanics of skid stopping. Way to hard if not impossible to unweight the rear tire to initiate a skid.

  • dag

    I owned one of these when I lived in Japan last summer. Super fun for wheelies, curbs hops, and mini-whipskids, while out getting coffee, but I wouldn’t use it for any more than that. Just too sensitive, and not burly enough for dedicated mashing or tricking.

    Bike like this definitely makes a lot of sense for the Japanese, on a number of levels. A stylish, and fun alternative to those little folding commuters that everybody has.

  • Wade

    I love that John posts this and that ridiculously over bid ‘nago on the same day. Put this in beautiful bikes and I’m falling off my chair. I think he just loves bikes… Lighten up people.