The 2010 NYC Bicycle Film Festival is This Week! Jun 15, 2010

It’s officially about to get rowdy in the streets of NYC. The 2010 Bicycle Film Festival is upon us and the festivities begin tomorrow night with Bikes Rock! at Santos Party House.

Thursday is the Joy Ride Art Show!

As always, we’ll be at Peel Sessions after we check out the Joy Ride Art Show. Let’s all meet at the show and then group ride over. We’ll be setting up ghetto ramps and jamming out all night!

Friday it’s The Birth of Big Air screening.

Saturday is going to be fucking wild. Street events! BMX, Big Bike and Fixed. Then screenings all night!

There’s also an alleycat. Keep it OG NYC.

Sunday, there’s MORE films and the world premiere of EMPIRE.

Monday, if you’re still in town, we’ll be riding around, hitting up spots. You remember how much fun last year was right? Don’t miss this year. GET YOUR ASS TO NYC!

Aloha Fixed 2009 NYC BFF Edit
BFF09 Edit pt. 2
BFF09 Edit pt. 1

  • Jack

    Whatsup with that race against time drawing? It looks like that dude is getting butt raped by a squid!

  • b. taylor

    That’s a LINEUP!

  • hors

    Jack; it’s a hand. Looks Salvador Dali inspired.

    All of this shit looks so fucking GNAR. Sacramento’s sucked!

  • I’ll be the dumb kid on the bmx or mountain bike cheering riders on and maybe catching some baby airs at the peel spot.but damn its gonna suck to miss the block party though.

  • Philly is gonna be in full effect in NY this weekend. get ready.