TCU Exclusive: Craig Passero & Adam22 Props Commercial Jun 3, 2010

TCU Exclusive: Craig Passero & Adam22 Props Commercial. from on Vimeo.

A lil BMX flavor for the evening. Adam 22 and Craig Passero hitting a lot of local spots. It’s NYC street riding: lots of grinds.

  • Sloan

    Recognize the Horseshoe in Austin. Grew up skating there. There were some great flat bars there too, till they skateproofed ’em.

  • Craig Smith

    Frost bank in Austin^ always people hitting that ledge.

  • Adam22 had a few real good lines in there.

  • CURT

    Damn! Austin! & Nekst! that was a sick video!

  • Some of my best cycling memories involve ledges and fresh set of kink pegs!

  • Jack

    That kid with the purple rims is pretty fucking good!

  • Uteliebelly