Slumworm: Stayin’ Dirty Jun 11, 2010

Slumworm‘s been filming for a new edit and holy shit the photos that have surfaced on his blog over the past few days are amazing. Dirt on fixed is wicked!

Duder, who shot the photos?

  • b. taylor

    I posted a couple shots off this set. By far, stylistically, these are a SHOE-IN for my top photos of ’10. Yes, already. Those photo sets off slumworm are ridiculously impressive. On par with my perennial (and obvious) favorites. SO DOPE!

  • Scott Horton is the photogrpher for this picture, and the rider is myself. I agree with you taylor, Slum has some rediculous talent when it comes to pictures and stuff.

  • I took the ones of Jeffy and my buddy scott took the photos of me.

  • miles mathia

    looks great man, riding dirt is so sick.