Philly Mix Tape 4 Jun 4, 2010

Philly Mix Tape 4 from Drew Leshko on Vimeo.

“Your blog stinks!”

I had a blast in Philly last time and even managed to sneak a few clips in this new Philly Mix Tape. Fuzzy’s barspin had be laughing hard. Gotta hand it to the guy! Hopefully I’ll be making it down there to ride with the guys again soon!

Philly Mix Tape 3
Philly Mix Tape 2
Philly Mix Tape

  • d.patrick

    nice wall ride prolly. that band playing is that “everybody out”?

  • jason

    is that you doing the full cab at the end?

  • Yep. That’s me.

  • That full cab looked rad—very clean.