Paper Fortress: Filming Myself #3 Jun 6, 2010

Filming Myself #3 from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

Stebs always makes the raddest videos for Paper Fortress Films. Here are a few words about this project:

Set out to film myself riding in the rain but the second I got outside the rain let up. Got to jump around in some puddles and do a few little tricks. Severely messed myself up on one trick while foolishly not wearing my helmet. WEAR YOUR HELMET! Hope you guys like it!

Nice one!

  • damn stebs! hope your noggin is doin alright…

    heres a shot from the “i love my bike” book ride a week ago:

    killin it.

  • dag

    Yikes. Gnarly slam. Safety first kiddos.

  • jeff

    DAMN! Thats one hell of a nasty ragdoll brain bounce right there man

  • OUCH!

  • Craig

    OUCH. That one’s bad…hope that didn’t do anything permanent.

    Not quite as good a shot as Eric’s, but here’s another from the ILMBB day.

  • D

    Ha great footage and funny ending. BOOM – wear your helmet!

  • i love the concept of the video!


    Helmets hold the brains in and such.