No More Blood! Jun 1, 2010

When Greg Falski shot me an email with his MixMeat Street Fest photos linked, the first one I noticed was the shot on the left. It’s a dude named Bingo and he’s bleeding from his head. Coincidentally, Ben posted the photo on the right to the Bridge Thread on the NYC Boards. Now DAMN. That’s a lot of blood. Each year, around this time, there’s some nasty spill on the bridge. It’s crowded with pedestrians and people who don’t ride year round. A wreck is inevitable. Blood is inevitable. Wear a helmet!

Now I don’t always wear one, but I’m working on it. Let’s have a safe Summer. I don’t wanna see or hear about any of you knocking your head like that!

  • Helmet reviews, please.

  • Blake

    Accidents and injuries are pretty easy to avoid. I usually ride the bike back home after some beers, but take it from me, there is still a limit when riding. I dont know how i crashed, and wheter that is due to too much booze or a concussion.

    Either way, an ambulance trip, a night in the hospital, an angry girlfriend, and a 8000 dollar bill coulda been avoided if i wore a helmet or sobered up a bit.[email protected]/4663006708/

  • Santiago Belmont

    dude going down williamsburg bridge now breakless is the most dangerous thing anyone can do. the walking side has that kind of pave that prevents you from speeding and its very bumpy you loose control easily.

    as far as helmets.. i might sound ignorant. but if someone is gonna care about helmets (safety), first get brakes.

  • d.patrick

    i saw an asian guy get doored last year which made me buy a helmet and i slowly got away from wearing it. seeing these photo’s is making me rethink that helmet though dorky is a good thing and not a bad one.

  • Andrew P.

    How do you ‘work on’ wearing a helmet?

  • I wear my helmet most of the time, but a lot of the times I choose to not. Wearing it “more” = “working on it”.


  • d.patrick

    my friend just text’d me saying some cyclist over on 2nd st 1st ave went trough a wind shield and the guy is laying in the street looking really fucked up.

  • J

    Last week I saw the aftermath of an 8 bike pileup at the foot of the chutes coming off the Manhattan bridge (Chinatown side). Ambulance, guy bleeding from the face, it was bad. We all gots to chill a bit on the bridges. Seriously. Hold back 10%, especially coming off and back into traffic. And dudes. Helmets work. When I was hit by a towncar, I broke my wrist, but my head was fine.

  • Wearing an helmet was not an obligation for motorcyclists before mid 70’s… Can you imagine doing this daily, today?

    It seems more and more are thinking about wearing an helmet, and more and more are doing it !
    That’s funny, because 3 days ago, a post has been placed about security on the Brussels Bike Polo website, with also bloody pics:

    Do now people admit they are not invincible?

  • Wear your helmet. Don’t run red lights. Use a brake. Use front and rear lights. These are all common sense.

    As for helmet reviews: Bern makes some great lids. They have you covered in summer and winter. Specialized has some nice looking road helmets. We all know how to use the www, get to searching.

    If you’re worried about looking like a “dork”, imagine how you’ll look with serious brain damage.

    There is no excuse for not wearing a lid if you have it. It’s just lazy. Admit it, lazy.

    Above all, be safe, be smart, and have fun.