No Bikes on Fance Jun 30, 2010

So a friend came by today for an hour or two to hang out. I told them originally the address was 120 but in reality it was 102. So they locked their bike up to a fence and walked down to my apartment. Goes back out and the owner of the building is sawing it in half and took the wheels. There was NO NOTE on the property, nothing. It’s a typically-shitty black iron fence that everyone’s building in NYC has. Nothing special.

On my last block, there would be signs up and down the block outside of people’s apartments who didn’t want bikes locked up. Since a lot of the people speak broken English, it’s often spelled “fance”. I respected those homes and would not lock up to them. Never have I ever dealt with such a bull-headed and stubborn woman. She was close to even spitting in my face as I sat there calmly and explained the situation to her.

What are the legal ramifications of this? The woman called the cops and they said “unless it’s damaged, you cannot remove it for 24 hours”. So she chopped it in half…

  • cltfxd

    Thats fucked up man. You think you can sue?

  • Fullers

    welcome to the neighborhood…what a load of shit!

  • Wade

    I was always taught to be nice, but BITCH! I’ll bet you have enough fans to chain a LOT of old derelict frames to said sacred fence!!

  • chris

    brick/ broken bike through window?

  • jeff

    SHITTY! hope he got the wheels back at least. somebody buy that man a scrambler or somethin

  • Well, the wheels are theft but I’m not sure about the whole chopping the bike up thing. It’s a very interesting scenario though and I would love to hear how it plays out.

  • dylan

    you could probably sue and counter each other for trespass to goods (bike) and trespass to property (the fence). you’d prol.. probably win but it wouldnt be worth it. get the wheels back and you have an excuse to build another bike (awesome) and have a good story to tell… (‘oh shit dude, this one time..’)

    if you dont want to rise above it..

    brick. window.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Unfortunately, this is perfectly legal. Fucked isn’t it?

  • sleezy f baby

    was she the property owner or a renter? if renter, then one could sue the owner of the building, if not, then then the perp. either way, i wish her 5 million pierogis stuffed with shit.

  • Jon

    The best solution would be to lock 100 old rusted POS beach cruisers to that fence. and then lock the bikes to each other. That would actually be hillarious.

  • Gene

    Going Balistic. Have run into nut-cases like
    this before in sim situation, not THIS bad, but find
    some just go balistic at the mere sight
    of a bike, let alone locked on their front fence.
    Much sympathy. Nut cases just need anything to
    get back.

  • bmac

    if the cops were involved, i’d skip the brick through the window. a quick investigation would put you in the shit. speaking of shit, a healthy portion of it smeared on her door or strategically placed on her doorstep on a regular basis would make “me” feel better if i had to build a new ride. or perhaps some satanic graffiti might make her think she was cursed. (a lot of the, shall we say “less than native” people are very superstitious and would most likely shit themselves at the sight of it.) condolences on your ride.

  • Craig

    I like the idea of locking hundreds of walmart bikes to the fence. or better…

  • Wenn

    Saw her fence in half.

  • b. taylor

    Maybe she’s just an old douche. It’s not right but I don’t see any mention of the DOT or the Mayors office for the lack of bike racks on residential streets. On my block there are signs. Even steps (i.e. plexiglass) to prevent residents from locking up to fences, but not ONE bike rack!

  • Skamp

    You should saw through her fence.

  • Santiago Belmont

    locking up to a fence IS NOT invading Propiety the only way you invade is if you open the gate and step in. this is so ridiculous. i went to court for this and it took the judge 5 minutes to decide that i had the upper hand. even if someone locks up the bike to a fence and there are no visible signs. all they can do is warn the person who locked it, IF there is a sign it MUST SAY
    “any bike locked to this propiety/gate will be taken away or cut off”

    This is Illegal and you Should take action, this happened to me 3 years ago and i got $$ for my Damaged bike ( the owner tried to pull it off the fence and bent the wheels/frame

    those cops dont know shit.

  • igor

    That’s straight fucked.

    But hey, on the bright side, he can replace that [assumingly] shitty frame.

  • Luke S

    This is one for small claims court. But enforcing the judgment can be a bitch…

  • weed wizard

    I would honestly saw that fence completley off the property. Wouldn’t take more than 2 people with hacksaws 10 minutes at 2 am

  • Skid Mark

    Kick in her door and take the fucking wheels back then saw her fence in half.

  • ryan

    looks like she didnt get your holdfasts

  • roy

    so basically all this happened because you don’t know your own address

  • shannon

    Honestly, I own a building and it bugs me to see bikes locked to my fence for a number of reasons… basically…nothing good can come from locking their bikes to the fence.
    -i can’t cut the grass properly
    -it ruins the grass a bit
    -one bike encourages another, and another, and then my building looks unkept/dumpy.
    -it has attracted garbage in the past, ie. people leave unwanted chairs or lights etc, assuming someone else might want it
    -people steal the bikes, and the locks stay forever on the fence until i spend a while cutting them
    -sometimes, the fence gets damaged by theives stealing the bike… they cut the fence… and then I have to fix it.
    -I simply don’t want bikes there, its my land, my fence is even set back from the sidewalk on my grass a foot.

    What right do other people have to lock up their bike to my fence? I work soooo hard to keep this place, pay mortgage and bills, etc. And I have to deal with this issue. I just kindly ask people not to do it. The newer generations feel such a sense of entitlement (I’m 33 yrs old) to do stuff like this. Its right up the alley from people using my garbage cans for their trash… i suppose its better than them throwing it on the lawn! I wish this wouldn’t bother me.