Merckx Mondays Jun 21, 2010

Sometimes, older posts reappear in strange places. This week’s Merckx Mondays focuses on a worldwide courier legend once again. If you’re sharp enough, you already know who’s bike this is and where this image is from.

If not, check out the answers to those two questions below!

Still can’t put it together?

It’s James Moore, aka 007, one of the old school NYC messengers who’s now living in Berlin. These screen grabs were from Empire. Remember the post from a few weeks ago? James has a great part in the movie and it goes to show that NYC has deep roots in the track bike community. Many thanks to Luke and Crihs for sending me some screen grabs of James riding!

  • d.patrick

    isnt this from the EMPIRE movie? he name slips my mind but the guy in the video called him a demigod.

  • You don’t like reading do you?


  • maus

    who reads the interwebs?

  • d.patrick

    oh shit. i didnt notice the click to read below. yeah his spot in Empire was cool. i liked the humor in your spot. that shit was funny when you fell and then the chick walks through the frame, and i have to sat damn at the tom lamarche spot. holy shit that dude blew me away.

  • Dunce

    Okay so now that the NYC BFF is over, how can I view Empire?

  • d.patrick

    I believe dunce that it will go on sale in September if you can’t make to a film festival near you. It’s totally worth seeing.

  • Popamuck

    Amazing that he still rides without brakes around Berlin. The police there must now seize fixed gear bikes without brakes by law. And you won’t get them back for no money. He should not risk to loose this bike so easily…