Massan for Leader Bikes Jun 23, 2010

Massan for Leader Bikes from Brandon Finks Video/Animation on Vimeo.

Remember this? I posted it up a few months ago and it mysteriously fell off the Vimeo site. Now it’s back with a little back-story:

Project I worked on with Macaframa films for Leader Bike commercial featuring Massan Fluker. I was one of three editors on the project and created all of the motion graphics and title sequences (check out the animation at the very end of the video, it’s pretty cool). This was another project with an insanely short deadline, all motion graphics work was created in one night. Produced in early 2010, camera work by Colin Arlen, Colby Elrick; edited By Colin Arlen, COlby Elrick and Brandon FInk, motion graphics/animation by Brandon Fink, music by Massan

Lookin’ good guys! Love the no-footed skitch!

  • the cajen

    the track massan did for this makes the video

  • actually, its been online the whole time

  • fixed gear athens

    Massan is the shit!

    Pure pista on city streets….

  • T

    This guy is awesome. Very skilled. With the amount of emphasis placed on fixed freestyle across the net it’s nice to see back to basics hill bombing and flowing style. If you read this Massan, I need more of the same !

  • james franco

    sick. you can download the one on finks vimeo.

  • Anthony Hernandez

    This is HELLA old. Peep the link for a behind the scenes look at it.

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Alright for sure!

  • cltfxd

    hell fuckin yea that no footed skitch is ballzy