Lucas Brunelle: Line of Sight Jun 18, 2010

One of the films I’m looking forward to seeing at this year’s Bicycle Film Festival is Lucas Brunelle‘s “Line of Sight”. It’s safe to say that Lucas’ work is without comparison. From Tokyo to NYC, Lucas spans the globe following cyclists and captures some pretty intense moments.

Catch “Line of Sight” at the Urban Bike Shorts 10pm showing tomorrow!

  • Uteliebelly


  • allender

    before i ever truly rode in the city, before i had ever heard of an allycat, before i ever experienced ridding traffic for myself there was lucas brunelle. after the first time i saw his footage i was hooked. and soon after i became a messenger in seattle and it became my life. lucas is the shit.

  • Chris

    This looks pretty fantastic. Looks like a documentary with a real feel to it. I’m excited to see it.

    Anyone know what the last song is in the trailer?

  • dag

    Great goddamn, I can’t wait to see the full version.

  • Chris

    Last song is “Pots and Pans” by Les Savy Fav

  • Peef

    Ride straight into oncoming traffic..YAIS!

  • brian

    looks good.
    riding in oncoming traffic puts everyone in a bad place.