Indianapolis Fixed: Solo Edit 2010 Jun 5, 2010

SOLO2010 from Jason Smith on Vimeo.

Hey man, there’s nothing wrong with riding by yourself. There’s also nothing wrong with showing busts and falls. It adds a bit of context to edits. One question though, what’s with all the squirrels in edits as of late? First the Philly Mixtape and now this one from Indianapolis Fixed.

Grabbed from Rocked Cog

  • Jkelley

    Damn the squirrels have infiltrated, must be summer again! We have squirrels out here (sd) that will walk right up to you and demand shit.

    The wheelie over the bike rack was sick!

    Can we get a squirrel riding a fixed gear like the one water skiing?

  • chains

    more girls less squirls

  • foxforce5

    I love broadcast..

  • Choder

    Hell yea Jay, that’s my dude! INFX is on the come up!