In Case You Didn’t Catch This Jun 5, 2010


I know everyone’s craving these shoes (well, at least the black ones). If you wanna grab a pair and can’t wait on a local shop, Dustin from Cadence has them for sale on his site. They haven’t left my feet since I got them and hopefully you’ll have the same experience.

Grab’em at Cadence Collection right here!

Product Review: DVS Milan CTC Cadence Sneakers

  • Barry

    What’s the size at their widest on your 12s? My biggest complaint about those free Chrome joints everyone and their dog got hooked up with is that they are too damn wide. (I’ve also got a pretty narrow foot to begin with).

    I wasn’t sold on the black on black, but I’m actually digging those yellow ones.

  • Ross

    Yeah I’m in love with those yellow ones but DAMN they break the bank

  • Nik

    Copped the black on black jams earlier today! Psyched

  • Nate

    These look great.

    I’m still holding out in hopes that someone will eventually come up with equally attractive sneakers with recessed cleats.

    Sigh… dare to dream.

  • Peef

    $65 is not bad.

  • antihero1972

    “equally attractive sneakers with recessed cleats.”

    oh that would be a dream come true.

  • Andrew Paskievich

    these are th best shoes I have riden with. my feet feel fine at the end of a long day on the bike. i’ve had the samples shoes for one week and they are holding up well even with some skating wear and tear.

  • Spencer

    What happened to the gray ones that were shown a while back?

  • These? ;-)

    They’re on the site.

  • nick

    ordered the grey when i saw the post. yellow was sold out last night already o.0

    reallly looking forward to these, i was gonna see about picking up some regular milans but these are only $10ish more.