Icarus Frames: Finkle’s Monolith Jun 30, 2010

You may have caught wind of this frame in a recent Day in 10 Photos entry. It’s Matthew Finkle‘s Icarus frame and it’s got one really unique seat tube. Can’t figure out what’s going on? Check out some detail shots below.


I’ve seriously never seen anything like that before. Ian, you’re a MAD MAN MAN!

  • Dan


  • dang!!

  • Craig

    Thing is the tallest bike I’ve ever seen, and has the craziest style. Also, you can’t tell from the pics, but in the sunlight it sparkles rainbow colors.

  • hater69

    i figured out what’s going on and its form over function.

  • fixed gear athens

    Ian is one of the most experimental builders out there!

    Doing quality work that inspires…

    I guess its all about short wheel-base then eh?

    All the best Ian, cheers from Greece!

  • Are those 650c wheels?

  • Now that’s one biiiig frame. What size’s that, 70 or something?!

  • Could be the shortest wheelbase on a 700c bike I’ve ever seen. How tall is the owner?

  • These photos didn’t capture the holographic sparkle paint job. This bike is a beauty. I’m glad I got to see it in person at BFFNYC.

  • 700c wheels and the seat tube is 63.5 ctc

  • Dunce


  • Ian

    Thanks folks, it was a fun (challenging) frame to build. The wheelbase is pretty standard for a track frame but it looks very short because of how tall it is, and Finkle is a T-rex so he needs a shorter top tube.

    seat tube is 63.5c-c and those wheels are 700c. ride the crap out of it Finkle!

  • allender

    so sick nasty… thats the kind of shit i want to be playing around with once i start building frames!

  • Congrats!