Horse Cycles: Purple People Eater Jun 9, 2010

Hot damn. Here’s that lovely purple Horse Cycles track built up with modern components and in a pristine studio backdrop. Thomas, pat yourself on the back, you just put together a stellar build! Fucking NYC is bringing the heat as of late.

A Day in 10 Photos: 05.22.2010
Horse Cycles

  • cltfxd


  • Dunce

    Beautiful bicycle and photo.

    Question: How do bikes stay upright for studio shots, is something photoshopped out, or does somebody hold on to it and move their hand right away? I know we’ve all seen those silly photos of a disembodied hand.

  • James

    Are those bars custom or commercially available?

  • Aston

    That’s a good point, but you can see the kickstand in this one on the rear hub (a bit thicker and out of focus compared to the spokes).

  • Carmel

    look closely, there’s a stand to the rear hub.

  • chris

    Check the rear wheel. You will see the stand holding the bike up. Looks like a really thick spoke!
    Agreed, beautiful bike and photograph!

  • Dunce

    I see it!

    Thank you.

    My name rings true.

  • another way of standing a bike for studio shots is to hang a little hook via fishing line from the ceiling, hooking it under the rear of the saddle and pulling it taught.

    also, is it just me or is the geometry of that frame pretty relaxed? head and seat tube look pretty slack, could just be that the bike was shot slightly off-angle (rear wheel closer to lens than front).

    either way, nice bike, diggin the color combo (frame + background).