Hessian Hobbies Jun 11, 2010

This is so fucked up on so many levels and pretty off-topic but dammit, it’s hysterical!

Here at Hessian Hobbies we had a tough question to answer. “What do Metal Dad’s do when their kids are bored?” Answer! “THEY CRAFT!”

I’m probably going to catch a lot of shit for this one! Thanks Kanon!

  • Andrew P.

    why would you catch shit for this? It’s amazing! Submitted to reddit.

  • Jason

    amazing! i laughed my ass off

  • Garrett

    Fucked up?
    “Never settle, stay metal”

  • chris

    That could be the best FUCKING thing you have ever posted!!!!

  • SimplyAlexNy

    ahahahaha!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! so fucking good!

  • hahahaha! I love it!

  • me

    How is this “fucked up on so many levels?” Do you know what would be more fucked up? Telling a child that they have to go their entire life fearing eternal hellfire. That’s fucked up. I’ll burn a thousand churches before I terrorize my own children.

  • ballsniff

    What Leviathan albums we’re those songs from.

  • Sean

    Anyone know the song in the background?

  • cltfxd

    haha funniest thing ive seen in a while.

  • D

    HAHAHA. Perfect.

  • siebenbuergen

    “Summoning Lupine” by Leviathan, released on Moribund Records