Grime: Yomang! 26″ Fixed Frames Jun 17, 2010

Joey Krillz has the inside scoop on the new Grime frameset. Hand built in Brooklyn at the Squarebuilt facilities, out of 4130, these frames will take 26″ or 700c wheels. Here’s what Krillz has to say about them:

The YOMANG! is 26″ specific and fits up to 2.5″ tires. Specifically formulated by Mike Schmitt and Wonka. Designed for optimum response and durability. Stairsets and handrails are this bikes best friend. Videos to come. 2″ downtube, 1.25″ toptube, dutchmaster sized mtb seatstays and philly blunt sized mtb chainstays in the sexiest S bend ever, created by some of Brooklyns best frame builders. CNC’d Hourglass integrated headtube and MID bottom bracket. Built by rippers for rippers in Bedford Stuyvesent NEW YORK. Limited GRIME GREEN colorway. Forks are 420mm and 410mm. 73 HTA 73 STA All frames ship with ANIMAL headsets BC ANIMAL is sick.

Via Smashenger

  • A

    Will it take 26″ only or both 700c and 26″? The paragraph you cited directly contradicts your previous sentence.

    Other than that, this is quite an interesting frame.

  • Sam

    A little more info, from Krillz on Trick Track:
    All details subject to change but:
    About 4 lbs.
    Almost no bottom bracket drop. BB height is about 12.5″.
    32″-28.5 TT standover on the medium frame shown above.
    Retail is going to be about $749 with ANIMAL headset.
    700c soon to follow.

  • whats the tyre clearance for a 700c? and when are they outtt?

  • Whoa.

  • damn! these look really sick. i love the mtb seat stays! cant wait to see them in action

  • ngrfgt

    Im gonna be that guy and say where the hell is this sport going! If wonka and schmitt are really doing shit big enough that they need 2 inch tubes on their bikes to not break then they should just switch back to bmx. Plus if anyone has seen this bike built up on the wrahw blog they will know how bad it looks and how without knowing it was fixed you would not be able to tell with a glance because it doesnt have that recognizable track geometry. It is a big bmx frame. Now i wasnt mad about people switching to duel 26 from 700c, i even switched myself but when people are now going away from the classic track geometry to riding pretty much fixed mountain bikes i think its just stupid. Like the first fixed gear backflip…stupid cause the guy who did it was riding a freestyle mountain bike with a fixed cog. Now im not saying every bike should be track qualified cause when the Durcus One Stylin’ came out, which has more of a mtb geo, i thought it was cool but after seeing this new Grime frame i think it has gone to far, it looks like they made a bike that has 100 percent barspin clearance, something that can fit huge tires and threw it together with fat tubes not caring how it looked. If you want a quality bike for doing fixed freestyle buy a Milwaukee Bruiser. They have a great looking geometry, are very strong and still have good clearance

  • This model will not fit 700c. But we are working with Torey on that right now.

    We will be taking pre-orders at BFF this weekend, and shipping after some slight adjustments made by mike and wonk.

    Thanks for the interest guys!

  • TOM

    Looks sick, but how does it FEEL!? I wanna ride one.

  • cody

    any info on the tube set and will internet pre-orders be available?

  • ngrfgt. can you not read? everything you just said was the opposite of the truth.

    “Well, this one photo of the “Bacon Grease” as Mike calls it, has been up on the Grime face book for some time now, and kids have been asking me whether that is the Grime proto and such. It’s not. That frame is an old MTB frame that Lance of Squarebuilt, made years ago.”

    it clearly says that. none of these bikes have track geometry. thats why theyre not called track bikes.
    i do agree that that backflip was lame. dirt jump frames arnt fgfs frames. but progression guides you in different ways. especially when its invention and not progression. look at the prototypes for the first car. there is no THING that works. gotta try shit to find out.

  • pussys

    these guys think there special when all these frames do is move there riding closer to bmx. why dont they ride bmx? cuz no one will know them.

    tom lamarche will always be the judge for fixed freestyle until he goes to pussy geometry, i’ll stick to 700c. wonka and mike will never be as good as him and thats why they reinvent new rules to make the sport something its not

  • Just want to say one thing:
    We are all FREE, we can do all what we want, if somebody want to fix a bmx or a a beach cruiser bike, why not…..
    A lot of people look like punks but they got a square mind….
    Just ride bike and love it!

  • Jarshy

    seriously. If you want to ride something like this, get on a BMX or ride a freewheel. this is getting stupid…

  • Maple

    too much drama…. it’s just a frame. I like it it’s got the brooklyn stamp so you know it’s quality. Also it looks beefy as hell great job on the frames guys.

  • wow theres rules now?

  • jmf

    haters gon hate

  • jamz

    no chianstay bridge ?

  • ben

    all you hater’s can suck wonka, schmitt, and krillz’ balls. get a life. if you don’t like the bike, don’t ride it. ride a bike and shut your hole.

  • Vinyl

    TBH if you want to do Freestyle on a fixed set up, it makes sense to ride on a bike with this geo. A track bike is a track bike, a fixed gear bike is any bike that has a fixed drive train – if you want to hurl yourself around and re determined to do it fixed, then something that is basically a fixed MTB, is the way forward. Anything else is just a compromise. None of the Scissor, Volume, etc etc look remotely like a track bike any way.

  • aj

    i’m just gonna start playng texas high school football again.

  • ngrfgt

    PHLthy Rich. Im sorry i didnt read close enough, i think you could tell i was a little heated when i saw this new frame and kinda went off but now there IS a picture of it set up on the wrahw blog. Look and tell me if you think it looks any different than the “bacon grease”

  • Isn’t the point of this whole scene is just to ride whatever the hell you want? These bikes are not my thing so I’m gonna stick to track bikes, but these guys are into this shit so leave them alone.

  • james franco

    looks super fun. a clean bike that’s better to commute with than a bmx and can still handle a thrashing. props!

  • i like turtles.

  • Damn guys. REALLY? Don’t make my life difficult over some 26″ frames. Be nice or I’ll close the fucking comments. GO RIDE YOUR BIKES.

  • RJCrouch

    “Pussys” first off it’s “Pussies” I don’t think you went to school long enough to understand half the things you said.

    And LaMarch will always be better than some of them at a few things but Wonka will always ride faster and hit things higher. It’s a style it has nothing to do with their equipment. I admire both their riding styles but you can’t say LaMarch will always be better … Plus some of these kids coming up in the scene will out do them all if they stick with it.

  • Rick

    Prolly, first off ill start with saying that this is the only time ill post something on this discussion, but heres the way i see it. this is fixed freestyle, a new sport and a booming one at that. now if we were to go back a year or so when most of us were still tricking on our conversions doing wheelies in parking lots, keos, etc. we’d realize that at a certain point, wheelies arent so fun when thats all you can do on a bike, so we made the bikes more comfortable, builders played around with the geometry to cater to the new needs of fgfs riders, we swapped our deep v’s with 23c tires, for wider, stronger, rims with much bigger tires for comfort. then everyone started to get butt hurt over the 26′ fixed thing. everyone has a personal preferance when it comes to what your riding on and the style in which you ride, you should just have fun with it and ignore all the shit spewed at you by people with different opinions. in the end, the sport is about fun, but in order to do bigger stuff and have more fun with your bike, whether it be rails, quarters, or whatever you choose to ride, there needs to be innovation. this is where the grime frame comes in. in the end, this sport is based off of a different type of riding, because not all of us feel like indulging ourselves in the bmx/mtb/road/track culture, so we choose to mash all of these together and make it our own, so why hate on innovation? what keeps us all together is a fixed drivetrain, the shape of the frame or the size of the wheel shouldnt be a cause for hate, its when we start running freewheels on a fgfs bike, that people should argue.

  • Leo

    The funniest thing is, thanks to marketing people think this frame is the one they should get, though they don’t realize it’s just another frame… and the pre-order thing makes it even funnier haha…
    Anyway ride what you want!

  • DM

    “wow theres rules now”


    Hilarious to see a new (and therefore supposedly innovative) part of bike culture almost implode in-line due to one frame that doesn’t fit “THE RULES”. By definition, “FREEstyle” has no rules – Whatever works best; always changing.

    Wow, at this rate, these self-imposed rules will kill off fixed freestyle very fast. World’s fastest Darwin Award, anyone?

    I predict frames will CONTINUE to evolve in this direction.Think 26-inch BMX race-cruiser geometry: 75-degree HTA; slammed chainstays; low top-tubes; zero-rake forks; fat tires; super-burly components; zero toe-overlap.

    And no, they won’t be ideal for the Velodrome.

    It’s FIXED and it’s FREEstyle; The only thing FIXED is the drivetrain; Every other design element will mutate or die.

  • ark

    I think the problem is that the bikes are changing too fast and are too expensive so not everyone can evolve at the same pace. This isn’t skateboarding were mostly everyone can afford a new 50 dollar deck. This is biking were bike frames can cost from 350 to 900 dollars and not everyone can change at the same time and try what’s new

  • alex

    i don’t think this frame looks bad at all. i’m just not down with how the seat stays meet the seat tube lower than the top tube, but this is completely subjective, but honestly; i’ve never designed a frame so i can’t criticize.