Grime Yo Mang! Pre-Order at Cultur Jun 25, 2010

If 26″ Fixed is your thing and you liked the way my photos of the Grime Yo Mang! frameset looked then you may want to get on top of this. Shop Cultur is now taking pre-orders for the first batch of frames. Support grassroots industry and support NYC with Grime.

First Look: The Grime Yo Mang! 26″ Fixed

  • There will be a 29″ version of the frame as well.

  • Leo

    Hey shop cultur why dont you guys just call your selves a MTB shop now. Burnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Can I get it in 20in so I can be the first on the 20in Fixed bandwagon?

  • ernie

    Why don’t we all just save some money and ride bmx full time? This pic is kinda awkard though with the facial expression and the way the frame is at

  • Spencer (SF)

    $750… not really liking the price..

  • Mike Smith

    Really? $749 for a frame? WOW Riders should ride and leave it up to real business people to put together a sick frame for a good price. I agree the frame is sick but get a BMX bike with a track hub and call it a day. Nice facial expression. Looks like you are taking a shit…..on that frame like I did. hahahahah

  • Noah

    Woah, didnt think it would be this expensive. But guys stop hating on this. If you dont like it dont buy it.

  • Medic

    I’m a little single track in my mind set but I will admit, I wish there was a frame built with these angles and clearance that Had Canti mounts for polo. Frame looks so good!

  • cuntface

    go Grime go Wonka!!!

  • riley

    Dog, a hand built frame for $750 is a GOOD DEAL.
    Also this frame is totally rad. Way to go Grime!