Go Means Go: Christauf Wright Baphomet Shirt Jun 1, 2010

Photo by Luke Stiles

When I first came across Christauf Wright‘s Baphomet shirt design for Go Means Go I just had to have one. He took a classic icon and converted it into a cycling-inspired piece. With a white on black print, this shirt will be a summer staple for me. Now the next question is: should I cut the sleeves off? And yes, I should smile more!

Many thanks to Cristauf for the design and Go Means Go for the shirt!

Christauf Wright: Baphomet

  • sam

    Woah lets see that tattoo?

  • Sasha took this photo of it when it was still healing.

  • yea, such a dope tee!

  • Sleeves should probably come off. And you got one coming to Zloggy…

  • ian

    i dunno, first comes the sleeveless shirts then comes the mullets

  • Guess that means you gotta make tanks then Ryan!

  • Gotta clear the tanks with the man behind the pen. Ha. I’ll let you know how it goes…