Geekhouse Bikes: Greg’s Woodville & the ASA Jun 2, 2010

Marty from Geekhouse said something to me the other day and it’s been resonating in my head ever since: “We are definitely on the dawn of a huge touring bike boom”. My Atavistic Urge to play on fixed gears lead me to ride my road bikes more and even brought me out to the track. Every time I leave NYC on my road bike, I wanna keep riding north and find a camp ground, or head South to see my folks.

Touring bikes are the great escapism. In the 70’s people would trek across the US during their summer breaks and the amount of young people touring now has to be at an all-time high. Especially when compared to previous decades.

Greg and Bianca from Geekhouse are setting out on a journey. A trip across the continent to raise money for “Autism Society of America” or “Autism-Society” or “ASA”. They’ve got a tumblr they’ll be doing from the road here: 100% of donations, you can donate from the blog, go straight to the ASA. They’re up to $1,600 already and we’re trying to get them to $2,500 before they leave. First two Geekhouses across the country!

From Boston to SF, wish these two riders luck and I can’t wait to see more updates!

  • WORD UP! A bunch of us from Fort Lauderdale are riding North to Chapel Hill, NC in October to raise money for Breast Cancer. Anyone want to join?

  • Scott

    There has been a touring boom as of the past couple years. Appreciating the outdoors from outside a car and seeing the world around you at a lower cost by going by bike. Many of the big bike brands are offering complete touring bike models now-a-days on-road and off-road specific.


  • Really can’t resist the urge to comment about the chain position. Gotta shift it out of the small small gear combo, pet peeve of mine…
    Really nice looking bike though, gears are fun too!

  • Thanks for posting John. The blog is boring now- wait til I get my hands on Bianca’s Nikon D60 when we are in nowhere Colorado!

  • I totally agree, im preparing for a trip from Vancouver to SF here soon. I feel like i’m not the only one one that got back into cycling because of fixed gears that is now exploring touring.

  • Last (boreal) summer I was in Chile, in Santiago, and wanted to rent a motorcycle to visit the north. The desertic part of the country. Where the Dakar takes place now. And when doing the rental I chose to better take a tour with a guide and a backup truck. Its a bit more money but there was no chance of me getting lost or loonking for a tow in the middle of no where. Its a great experience that you have to live for your self. Anyway, their link is . Cheers! Fernando