Faction Cycling Co: Upcycled Cycling Caps Reup Jun 2, 2010

Faction‘s been busy this Spring. With such a high demand for their Upcycled Cycling Caps, the guys ran out of stock quickly. Luckily for us, they just re-upped their stock and numerous styles of the Upcycled Caps are now available. Head on over!

  • Jeffrey L

    How can you conceivably advocate, for GOOD reasons, wearing a helmet to avoid head injuries, and then post sometime positive about cycling caps, which basically make it impossible to wear a helmet? It seems a bit hypocritical.

    All of these boutique cycling cap companies should try and figure out how to make helmets, which save peoples’ lives, not look silly, rather than continuing to produce a flashy product that encourages and feeds into the unfortunate attitude that one’s coolness as a cyclist can be measured by the frequency of riding without a helmet.

  • Dude… What?!

    Cycling Caps are for you to wear UNDER A HELMET. I do it all the time. That’s what they’re there for.

    What cycling caps have you worn that won’t allow you to make a helmet? And are you seriously saying that rather than making a $20 – $40 hat, small companies should be making molds for a $100 helmet?

    As for the “goofiness” I think my helmet looks fine…

    Come on man. Think before you write shit like that.

  • You can even fit a baseball cap under a lot of helmets.

  • d.patrick

    jeff must be new to cycling.

    i see many people as well as myself who will ride with a cap under a helmet.

    im all for intelligent dialogue but at least do some research before you come to the table.

  • Jason

    im all for cycling caps but can we please kick the nautical star in this industry.

  • chris

    im not trying to be a dick but what function does a cycling cap serve under a helmet? unless its cold i dont really see a purpose. does it make your helmet more comfy? is it for soaking sweat? does the little brim really protect from the sun that well?
    i guess to me a cap under helmet=too hot=useless
    cycling caps def look more ‘cool’ than helmets …but i wear a helmet cause i care more about my brains than sporting cool

  • It does all of those things and the good ones aren’t any hotter than wearing a tshirt in the summer. It wicks sweat and keeps you cool…

  • John Mallows

    Not sure about this helmets saving lives stuff. The evidence worldwide is that there has been no reduction in casualty rates during a period of significant helmet take – up. Reasons are difficult to determine owing to difficulty of running controlled experiments (and pro helmet assertions come from very uncontrolled experiments). But there’s risk compensation by drivers and cyclists; diversion of attention from real safety measures (e.g. ‘cyclecraft’ training); the limited ability of helmet construction in crashes over 12 mph with another vehicle; the conversion of straight on impacts into brain and spinal cord wrecking twisting motions. It’a all there, for and against, on http://www.cyclehelmets.org If you wear one, at least make it an informed decision. Otherwise, wear your berreta (cap) and stay cool.

  • juliaandromios

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