End of June Bike Events Jun 23, 2010

You know the drill, click the image for full-res! Here’s the events for the end of June. If I missed one, link it up in the comments.

4 responses to “End of June Bike Events”

  1. clemsy says:

    Thank you for the promo!!!

    Check out the Cest la Merckx blog for more info!


    C’est la Merckx Tricks / Street Contest
    Brussels, Belgium on July 4th

  2. thib's says:

    Hi John, Thanks for the post! ;-)
    hi guys from Europ and from far away. The feeling of a good franch contest, the call of a belgian beer, the result of the greatest frecnh-belgian colab ever, i.e. french fries… If you still haven’t tested it yet, come and taste the “c’est la mercks” contest flavor…
    Sound Track Paris

  3. Tyler Hardie says:

    DVS and Cadence Fast Forward race in Denver, CO June 27. More info here. Thanks.


  4. furoche says:

    dont really know the link, but shark week in philly is this week/weekend.