Elevated Engineering: Miles Mathia Edit pt 2 Jun 5, 2010

Elevated Engineering: Miles Mathia – Volume 2 from Elevated_Nicholas on Vimeo.

As a continuation from their last edit with Miles, Elevated Engineering just dropped a nice and chill follow-up video. Really stoked on his style. Keep it smooth man!

Elevated Engineering: Miles Mathia Edit

  • tom l

    if you wanna do trick why not just get a bmx?

  • Because we have your mom to pull tricks on.

  • BOOSH.


  • Brody

    Because tricks look sooo much better on a big boy bike(700c fixed), what kinda question is that anyway? Are you oblivious to what’s going on?

  • Rafael Erazo

    26″ FIXED!!

  • jeff

    also available from elevated_nicholas, how to roll a blunt. HAH

    Looking good though man, just what I wanna see, MORE DIRT

  • pushakey

    i respect freestyle fixed gear and all that, but if u think tricks look better on 700 vs 20 inch, ur on crack…its not even a fair comparison, 20 inch is by far, leaps and bounds ahead of track bikes…dont even lie to urself and say otherwise, keep it real, and be original…oh yeah, dude was ok, he was doing his thing, props…and i like 26’s over 700 too, thts the only hope of track bikes ever actually going big, cuz 8 bunny hopping 8 steps is not big, at least not if ur comparing it to bmx/mtb…but for a track bike its huge…

  • i’m pretty sure i watched some lil grom rider today on trick track bunny an 11 set, and i think it was on 700’s. just saying.

  • radam


    honestly i tink that bike looks goofy but video is rad and that shit looks fun as hell.

    people hate on me all the time for doing “tricks” on my fix

    As long as your having fun man.

    im thinking about building up a thrasher w a bmx hub and “thrashin” the skatepark single speed. BIG BMX style.

  • The whole FGFS thing it’s getting closer to BMX from edit to edit…

  • isti

    radam, you need to make an edit! what I was also thinking of was the further “deviation” of the fixed scene – the coasting 700cmx :-D

    having said that, I still love and only do fixed gear freestyle and although I ride 700c, have nothing against 26″ either.

    this kid and vid is actually one of the most inspiring as of late. to ride and to design proto frames too.