Dura Ace 10 Pitch Cog Jun 27, 2010

Photo by Sasha E

Where does he get those wonderful toys? That’s what I say to myself every time Sasha updates his Flickr stream. Seriously? Who the hell gets a NOS DA 10 Pitch cog? All you need now is the lockling.

  • jimmy

    what’s so particular about this cog?

  • in the linked 10 pitch ensemble pic there is also a road 10 pitch group. has anyone ever seen that full set?

  • Zachary

    Lockling? Hah, sounds like cunnilingus meets bicycle!

    And CyclingWMD has some great DA10 porn.

  • NeilE

    Aside from a lockring he’ll also need a chain and chainring. While it was a novel idea, it clearly wasnt that great or else we would still see it being produced.

  • http://businesscycles.com/compspec.htm

    scroll to the bottom… maybe he can complete his drivetrain if it isn’t already

  • That’s just a regular Dura Ace Group. It’s impossible to have a 10 pitch derailleur group because the chain has very little to no side flex.

  • hikogen

    road 10 pitch group never made it to the market