Don’t Steal BMX Bikes Bro Jun 23, 2010

How was your Monday? Mine was awesome and from the looks of this story on Profile’s blog, so was Matt’s. Go check it out!

  • radam

    what an awesome story.

  • raphael

    lucky lucky.

  • Chris

    i love stories like this! thieves suck. kinda reminds me of the youtube vid of mtn biker cam mccaul retrieving his buddy’s stolen trails bike. another good one.

  • Larry

    What’s even more commendable is how cool he was to the parents and kids. Way to make an otherwise shitty situation a good one.
    Hopefully those kids learn they’re lesson now.

  • timmyt

    i am happy to hear the good news. i had my custom taylor guitar stolen right out of the garage where me and my buddy were jamming and i never saw it again. im over it now, but this story gives me a little hope that there is still some good to be had from the people around us. not everyone is a piece of shit.

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    brought a tear to my eyesocket.

  • Teh Bikezorz

    Great story. I hope Marty Walsh gets his bike back, too.