Cyclist in Ohio Hit During Bike to Work Week Jun 10, 2010

Damn. This sucks. Well, it sucks seeing this but the cyclist is lucky to be alive. From what I’ve gathered after reading the Youtube comments is that the cyclist who was hit decided to be positive throughout the whole situation. Here’s what he’s saying:

A white work van/truck hitting a cyclist (me) at Lane and High in Columbus Ohio on May 20th, 2010. The driver left the scene and surrounding motorists simply drive off without even asking if I was OK.

He goes on to say:

Some reflections…
Cyclists: riding is safe. Keep your eyes open and protect your important bits.
Drivers: Accidents happen. No hard feelings. Please stop to make sure everyone is alive and well. That is the civilized protocol after any accident- regardless of the vehicles involved.

and finishes with:

Just trying to stay positive about the whole thing and posted this to inform cyclists and drivers alike. Thanks.

Wow. I’m speechless. No anger. No “F U” to the driver. Is he even attempting to track down the guy and press charges? Not that I can tell. He’s maintaining his sanity through positivity. Impressive.

  • wow. i hope someone is tracking down that asshole to press charges.

  • lucca

    he ran into the van
    it doesn’t look like he slowed down at all and it really looks like he was try to hit the back of it

  • gerald

    maybe he should of been paying attention as well as the driver and it might not of never happened

  • Ryan M.

    I live right around this area on High St. and this doesn’t surprise me at all. Drivers in Columbus aren’t accommodating at all, they’d sooner run you off the road then anything else. I hate to see things like this happen, it really serves as a poor reflection of my city.

    On the plus side it’s good to see he’s being so civil about this. I know a lot of guys around here that would be working really hard to track that van down.

  • drizz

    assuming that both lanes had a green light (so the van did not have a turn arrow and the cyclist did not have a red light), who do you think would have gotten the ticket if it were two vehicles (and they stuck around)? also, if it were two vehicles and the van drove off, the fault at that point is solely on the van since he/she broke the law by driving away from the scene of an accident.

    lucca, do you really think that person wanted to smash into a moving vehicle at 10+ mph? doesn’t look like it felt good and it probably damaged the bicycle. really?

    gerald, paying attention is a given, but being able to react to a moving vehicle driving recklessly towards you in enough time to avoid almost certain impact is easier said than done. you must have the best brakes and impeccable bike handling skills in order to make that comment. have you ever been involved in an accident with a vehicle? if so you should have been paying attention.

    oh, btw: bicycles are vehicles. everything i mentioned in my first paragraph is not a hypothetical.

  • jordan

    he ran into the van!?!
    not sure about ohio but here in CA cars making turns YIELD to oncoming traffic. that cyclist didn’t need to slow down. thats outrageous

  • Rjcrouch

    I don’t think you can say that was his fault at all. I assume that the cars that need to turn left will wait on me because I am going straight. I beloved the van is compleatly at fault. That camera doesn’t have the best frame rate and subsequently the actuall speed suffers. Watch it again he is going really fast and it would be hard to make that split second decision to possibly end up head on into traffic and possibly hit by another motorist.

    I’ve been bumped by a left hand turner and have flip off a fair share as well … It’s a dangerous thing on the road. They think they can beat you turning before you make it to the intersection. They are almost always wrong.

  • nate

    you should change the title to “driver hit by cyclist”. no attempt to turn out of the way or slow down. seems like he’s aiming straight for the van so he could get hit and possibly get settlement money out of it so he can get a new whip but that didn’t work out for him did it.

  • What ya’ll are missing is that it doesn’t matter who’s fault it was, what matters to me is that a fellow human being on bike, ran into/ got hit by a car, and nobody came to his aid. No one got out of their cars to see if he was okay, the traffic coming the other didn’t stop, just pushed through the intersection. That’s the real tragedy, the lack of humanity in that video.

  • Sean

    Goes to show how hard it is to judge a video. This exact scenario happened to me on Bowery/Prince and I had no time to react, though if there was a video, it probably would have looked similar to this.

    Left turns are often made at high speed, and without a turn signal it can appear like the driver is even slowing down to let you go before they floor it. I have pretty quick reaction time, but sometimes you get caught.

  • jerm

    i’ve been hit just like this, and the reaction from the driver was “dude, i didn’t see you.” it happens a lot faster than you realize… one minute you’re riding along watching your surroundings and the next you’re bouncing off some cars side. the problem is drivers not accepting the fact that bikes are on the road.

  • jewlz elllem

    Got hit by a car this year myself by a 4WD driver who did an illegal impromtu u-turn – 30-40 m in front of me as I was coming down a very steep hill.

    I had a maximum of 40 m at full speed to a) realise the driver didn’t see me b) slow down, and c) try to avoid impact OR d) collide with 4WD AND minimise my injury in how I collided.

    In these moments, keeping yourself calm and doing your very best to come out alive is all you can hope for in the few seconds you have to process all of the above.

    I ended up with a), b) and d) – going up and over the bonnet, my skin skidding along the bitumen, I avoided spinal or head injury but ended up breaking my “power” finger in my dominant hand. My hand will never be the same, and I’ll carry the scars as a life-time reminder of my play with my own mortality. My bike, however went instantaneously to bicycle heaven.

    However, throughout – I maintained my positive attitude, gratefulness, and requested the driver tell as many people as possible of his accident with a cyclist and to promote cyclist safety within his circle of friends, family and colleagues.

    Afterall, we are all human. We make mistakes.

    It has never ceased to amaze me the extremes of viewpoints in times like these. We are not having war against car drivers / truck drivers. Nor is it a war against cyclists (motor powered or human energy).

    For me, accidents such as these need to be stopped being treated as a war against cyclists or cars etc. Take a step back, go back to basics and hang on a second and think: who is the most vulnerable in this situation, and if the roles were reversed, how would we like to be treated?

    At the end of the day, we all just want to live our lives to the full.

    So I say to my fellow cyclists (moto / bi-cylists) – follow the road rules and get some credibility for our community and stay eternally vigilent.

    And to my fellow car drivers, I say – please keep an eye out for cyclists. We are human – just like you. We are vulnerable, just like you. But we have a higher possibility of being broken than you do in accidents.

  • Old van makes me think the driver was uninsured or didn’t have a valid drivers license.

    Doesn’t mean what happened on video is ok. It goes in this order: Pedestrian, Cyclist, Gas Powered Vehicle. You yield to the pedestrian first and foremost, a walking human. Then you yield to the human powered vehicle be it a cycle, skateboard, inline skates etc, then lastly, the vehicle car/truck/etc.

    Hitting a human and taking off (peeling out recklessly to get the f out of the scene) is criminal and should be penalized with a death sentence. No compassion.

  • Rui

    I’ve always ridden with one mantra. I AM INVISIBLE, CARS CANT SEE ME> Assume that, ride accordingly and you too will never have unwanted contact with a car.

  • I was hit exactly like that… but in my case, the car was STOPPED waiting for car flow (that I was following) to let him pass… and i DID slow down, I just don’t trust drivers.

    But cars passed and he was still stopped. O thought “well in that case he can only be waiting for me”, and I smashed the pedals again, when I was in the middle of the intersecction, he accelerated and I destroyed his right door (and my arm, my leg, my finger…).

    [info for the curious minds: I used to have a front brake and wear a Helmet]

    The said “i didnt see you”.

    That’s not an excuse and obviously he was on fault, but the message is: it’s never happening again.

    I even stopped using a helmet after that. I’m riding brakeless for over a year. No issues anymore. Because now I don’t slow down in an situation like that. I pass BEHIND the car. Always. I already didn’t trust cars back then, but now my aproach is: every f*cking driver wants to kill me. So I dont take ANY chance.

    And that’s what the guy on the video should start to do too – not saying it was his fault, because obviously the Van cut him, but beeing right wont keep our bones safe, so we have to be smarter then that.


  • Danny Haney

    Gotta love this. A couple weeks ago, a cyclist was killed under suspicious circumstances in the same city. Way to go Columbus drivers.

    Check it out:

  • juicemane

    I don’t know…the driver was clearly at fault but I don’t understand how the cyclist didn’t make the slightest move to swerve out of the way. Seemed like he had more than enough time to make a last-second attempt at avoiding the van.

  • rudetay

    I’m surprised at the number of people who haven’t been in this situation. I have been hit in a similar manner to this, but I tried to cut in front of the car I assumed was waiting for me and it hit me.

    I live in Columbus and know this intersection.

    There is a hill leading into this intersection, it’s not unreasonable to assume the cyclist was going 25-27 mph going into the intersection. It’s also very busy this time of day, constant fast traffic, you can 100% assume the lane just outside of view of the camera has cars in it.

    The car first motions as if it is stopping, the cyclist is pointing to stay straight in his lane and go by it, at the last minute the van attempts to go and cuts the cyclist off. He would have had less than half a second to react, and if you’re not sure if the car is going or not, how are you supposed to decide what way to go?

    Saying he should have turned or braked is dumb, in something like this it’s a gut reaction, and it’s even possible that no reaction would have prevented this, he went pretty squarely into the side, a turn to either direction would have required a decent margin to clear the car.

    Everyone is just assuming the car and cyclist are both going 5mph, I can tell you 100% that that is not the case in this intersection, furthermore, you don’t even know if the van was signaling or not. If no signaling, of course he wouldn’t cut left.