Cycling Inquisition: Interview with John Joseph McGowan of Cro Mags Jun 14, 2010

John Joseph McGowan at The Ritz, NYC. 1986; Photograph by JJ Gonson

You’ll be seeing this everywhere after I post this I guarantee it! My good friend Lucho over at Cycling Inquisition has an interview up with John Joseph McGowan of Cro Mags! Holy shit. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome this is. Go check it out now!

  • tbone mendez


  • nice, if you haven’t picked up his “autobiography”, the evolution of a cro-magnon, it is a must have. especially the audiobook version. some excellent stories told in an excellent accent..haha.

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  • Jesse

    cro-mags is one of my all time favorite bands. Just saw them with john joseph in dallas the dudes energy is off the wall

  • Best interview pieces I’ve read an a really long time. No one sentence answers! Really gets into it.

  • sota

    the link is broken

  • Travis

    Article taken down?

  • “This post has been removed at the request of John. I’m working with him right now to get it back up. Stay tuned.”


  • Will

    Even the sequence of the title was offensive. I can see why John was angry. It kind of implies that cycling saved John. Lord Krishna saved John McGowan.

    Read his book: The Evolution Of a Cromagnon

  • I did an interview with John about cycling a month ago. check it out here if interested