Cycles Laurent: 1982 Ganolo Pista Jun 8, 2010

Cicli Devotion is an endless resource for beautiful bicycles (yes, I know he doesn’t have a website yet, it’s coming!). He just posted this Cycles Laurent Ganolo pista to the NYC Boards and holy crap, this thing is gorgeous. I’m usually not a huge fan on experimental bicycle design but I’ll make an exception here.

Wanna see more photos of this beast? Check out this Photobucket page.

  • Benson

    Too many sexyy

  • i am so massively in love with that frame… the gentle curves of the top tube and chainstays are what really clinches it for me.

  • wade

    way Bauhaus …

  • gene

    more info here

    hrmm actually you may have to be a member of the forum but yeah

  • It is the same bike but I am not quite sure it belongs to Cicli Devotion.
    If you want more info, the shops still exists in Paris for moe info

  • Fred

    Hello Folks,

    I’m the owner of this wonderfull bike
    here the part list, as you can see, this bike was built with the best french components of the era ! Here is the parts list :

    BottomBracket: Stronglight
    Crankset : T.A pro
    Pedals : Maillard
    ToeClips : Maillard
    Straps : Christophe
    Saddle : Turbo Speciale
    SeatPost : Campa
    HeadSet : Générique
    Stem : Philippe track
    Handlebar : Philippe track (steel)
    BarTape : Tressorex
    Rims : Mavic MA2 pneu
    Hubs : Maillard 700 pro (will be replaced by Mavic soon)
    Tires : Michelin Dynamic
    Chain : Miche

    By the way, this bike is for sale, feel free to contact me.


  • Hi,

    Have you sold this bike? It is amazing. What is the tubing?

    Brilliantly cool bike.