Cycleangelo: Brewster Ride Jun 10, 2010

Brewster Ride from cycleangelo on Vimeo.

Maybe one day next week Ktel and I can take Tracko on this ride? It’s one of my favorite rides in NYC. Or maybe Alpine Climb would be better? Cycleangelo and his friends hit it up last weekend and made a short edit about it. Diggin’ it!

  • ethan laek

    Tracko is coming to town!? There are better rides than Brewster. Shit is hella flat

  • I’m down! Please tell me John still has a job though?

  • Yes, like Alpine Climb…

  • sergio

    i’d like to know this route. where does it start?

  • lucca

    take him to bear or west point

  • K-TEL

    Dude, I work mostly nights, so I’m all about this. Let’s roll SON(S).

  • Dunce

    Can someone wise me up to Brewster?

    Do you train up there, and ride back into the city?