Cultur Trip: Final Days Jun 24, 2010

#youwont #FGT

The Cultur trip brought riders from all over the country to the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC. I have no idea how much riding was actually filmed when they got up here because everyone was beat. Some highlights include: Kareem’s bike, Antonyo’s bar off the ghetto ramp, Jakob’s big-ass 180 and more of Tony Fast thinking he’s funny.

Looking good Kris!

  • aj

    tony fast for the win, the most quotable man in fixed gear

  • Hey thanks John for posting all of our trip and your endless hospitality for us and the FGFS community! Rats off to ya!

    Anyways as things start to wind down, we are slowly getting all of the photos and footage back to us where we will begin to start editing for our full length video! It will be offered 100% free and completely online for viewing and download under so stay tuned for that!

    Again thanks to everyone who help us and have been involved throughout our whole process. I can go on and on who to thank but you’ll have to just wait for the video to come out!

    Westcoast here we come!

  • Brody

    Can’t wait to see the full thang!