Cultur Trip: Day 5 & 6 Jun 12, 2010

Cultur Trip: Day 5 & 6. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

“Nobody likes you, they just tolerate you”. Day 5&6 of the Cultur trip is up and it’s the best yet. No one lands anything in it but it’s always fun to see people fall. Good job Kris!

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  • SeveM

    I really can’t figure out why any cyclist would break glass on concrete. We all know how annoying broken glass is. Go figure.

  • aj

    When you’re outside on a sunny afternoon, and you just drank a 40 how can you resist not breaking the bottle… its the best part!

  • xchrisleex

    Nobody loves Eric… they only tolerate him.

  • dancakes

    sooooo rad to see justin riding again

    aj: nice haircut

    obvy: peru and gus = best friends

  • Jeff

    10 points to dancakes

  • Brody

    Cutest road trip ever! Be sweet guys!

  • nothing says bike love like broken glass…morons.