Colnago c35 Ferrari Jun 30, 2010

So. How much do you think this Colnago c35 Ferrari prototype with a Campagnolo 50th group went for on eBay recently? It’ll shock you!

That’s one Beautiful Bicycle but that’s a grip of change.

  • Michael

    I guess a dozen innocent souls.

  • ro

    actually thats less than i thought it’d be…..

  • It didn’t even come with the original 5 spoke wheels? Weak.

  • agree with ro, i thought it would have gone for more…

  • Shane

    I was actually thinking more as well.
    I wonder if Ray Dobbins bought it?

  • Gabriel

    What, and a Pinarello Dogma with Di2 for 17,900? That bike just went to the right buyer. A complete 50th anv. group goes for 4,000 just by itself.