Coast No Coast Jun 8, 2010

Coast No Coast – Quote edit from Brock Mitchell on Vimeo.

Coast No Coast is a new documentary that will cover the 2200 kilometer journey from Vancouver to Mexico on fixed gears. For the math inept, that’s about 1000 miles of epicness on a Milwaukee Bruiser nonetheless. Seriously, that’s fucking rad.

Thanks for the heads up Matt!

  • MWA

    Looks epic! And as a new Bruiser owner….damn!!! F that. I know my track bike would be better than my Bruiser for that kind of haul.

  • Peef


  • tom

    where is his gear?


    wow, thats going to suck

  • Dima

    It is like the tour of california and then some!

  • dirty

    1000 miles = 1600km though

  • I cant even stand traveling Vancouver to NorCal in a vehicle, in the back seat, zoned out on a tainted brownie, sleeping, no less. Fuck doing that on a bike, fixed, single speed, gears or on a unicycle.

  • isti

    Hell yeah!

    I’m cycling from Budapest, Hungary to the La Manche this July, which is about 1900 km, a little more than 1000 miles. I’m doing it on a fixed gear too.

    My question is, do you know of any good ways to install a front brake on a trick fork without brake mounts – without welding, brazing or doing any damage to the fork? Clamps? Home made, DIY? Or are they sold somewhere? Any ideas would be grately appreciated, thanks!

    I really wouldn’t like to replace my fork with a touring one, as my intention is to check out all possible sessioning spots on the way :-)

  • theochin

    surely he is gonna want a tourer for this…

  • k

    for the truly math inept, that’s over 1350 miles.

  • d.patrick

    i guess its safe to assume that he wasnt hit riding in the middle of a hilly mountain road while filming this.

  • sau

    if this kid finished the journey, the mke bicycle company should really consider sponsoring him and using them in their advertisements. because wow.

  • Nick

    If you are looking for a good rack solution for bicycles withought braze ons, and brake mounts check out the OLD MAN MOUNTAIN Line of racks, they are a little spendy, but totally worth it. I have a front and rear on my touring 29er. They mount at your axle, and use rubber C Clamps to attach to your fork legs, or rear chainstays. I would also recomend the Axiom Oddesy Full suspension racks, as they have a similar mounting system and cost roughly half. Both these racks will be able to hold at least 50 Pounds each. Or you could also consider a full frame pack, seat pack, and handlebar bag setup so you dont have to worry about panniers or racks, check out EPIC Designs for that. If your looking for a spot to stay in the Vancouver Area hit me up!

  • ron burgandy

    matt and topher are good friends and i cant wait to see this shit go down. i cant make the trip but i support you guys fully!.

    Shred Hard, Shift Never.

  • isti: send me an email, we would love to hear about your ventures in Budapest. I love sharing touring stories!

    The bruiser rides a lot like many typical 29’er would when it’s not set up like a bmx, making it a not too bad bike to do some distance on actually. We debated riding track bikes, but the bruiser lets us run wide tires, racks, whatever we want with ease, and these are the only bikes we have, so why not! fun times to be had soon!

  • Riley

    I agree with a post above.

    MKE where are you at? this kid needs a sponsor. This is soooo insane.

    And that video quality is soooo epic.

    Even tops Maca

  • isti

    thanks Matt, let’s keep in touch! my touring blog is due at

    thanks for the ideas as well. I actually found a solution, it’s like a big horseshoe and can be mounted on the hole on the crown or whatever of the fork and accepts V brakes. they will be mounted reverse, that is on the back of the fork, so the momentum of the wheel will actually push the console to the fork and not let it flex out forward. I am assuming it will be pretty sharp.

    as to carrying my gear, I’ll be towing a trailer, made by a welder friend.

    oh, and sponsor us too, we are actually collecting money for a scholarship to be offered to students at my workplace. one buck a kilometre, roughly 2000 altogether, that is one year’s tuition fee for a kiddo.

  • NatMc

    So no one’s ever biked from Canada to Mexico?

  • ^ not on a milwaukee bruiser ;-)

    thats gonna be one hell of a journey.. looking forward to more edits

  • ted grant

    met young 2 german guys bike touring from seattle to LA last year, they were on fixed gears with large messenger bags full of their gear (including camping stuff). I was on a traditional touring bike. I was amazed at their chutzpah and strength. Good luck to those fixie kids, they will kneed it (ha ha ,,,, get it?)

    seriously, the two hardest parts of the west coast is leggett hill just south of the oregon border, and Big Sur. they will be walking uphill some of the time, front brakes would be a good idea in those two spots…..