City Sports Alliance: Get Bikes in the Pier 62 Skate Park Jun 21, 2010

With NYC’s new skate parks popping up all over, why would they not allow bikes in one of the biggest ones in NYC? That’s what the City Sports Alliance is asking this Tuesday! Here’s some details from the CSA:

Hey dudes, we are trying to get every bike rider in the area to come out on tuesday to talk with the president of the hudson river trust about changing the no bikes allowed rue in the skatepark and others through out the city. the more people on bikes, the better chance we have of making a difference, so please spread the word. this tuesday at 630pm, at the battery park city library, 175 north end ave. thanks dudes.

Be there and spread the news!

  • Not to hate. But, coming from a skating background, bikes fuck skateparks up. Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to drop in and hit chunk of concrete that got busted out by a peg or Axel bolts. Skaters build skateparks to skate. And they don’t can’t pay to fix that shit and if the park is city ran, it’s not a priority to them. Hope you guys get a turn out on Tuesday. But just know the reasons if it doesn’t work out.

  • Oh and it go skateboarding day. Btw.

  • ian

    Please don’t.

  • Yeah, I been skating for about 13 years myself and can vouch 100% for what Squirrel above says. I would also add that dudes ripping chainless and brakeless bmx are probably going to pose the biggest threat to getting bikes allowed into a crowded skatepark.

    Legally, though, bikes + skateboards at a busy skatepark is like giving Gary Busey a molotov cocktail and a shot of 151. On top of the little kids puttering around, it just seems logical that a way higher percentage of high-speed-collisions-resulting-in-hospital-time would result from even just the layout of this park – take that 5′ spine transfer into a totally blind bowl, for example. It might cost a pretty penny for the city to completely absolve itself from any accident insurance claims.

  • tbone mendez

    Nothing is worse than a fat rider slamming into you at the park and just riding away with a smug look on the face. I say no to bikes and fruitboots in skateparks…

  • rodney king

    equality does not come into play when a biker and a skater collide at a skatepark. 10 times out of 10, the skater will lose. i speak from experience. i’m all for bicycle advocacy, but this is the one exception.

  • Well, use this forum to discuss your opinion. I’m on the fence about this one. I see the skaters and BMX’rs sides…


    Why don’t bikers organize some events to get their own bike parks instead of trying to get into skateparks. Or better yet- go build your own shit!

  • jordan

    skaters take the parks and give us the street spots. point is. we both get kicked outta the same street spots. so the city responds and builds a park. but for only skaters?

  • Drawler

    Bikes will absolutely slaughter that wonderful pool coping that’s been installed.

    The fact that the park even EXISTS is because of skateboarders, for skateboarders. We made this happen, and rollerbladers are lucky to join in.

    BMX riders just have a different flow than skateboarders/rollerbladers, riding without brakes means they frequently don’t stop cutting people off, and in such a fast overpopulated park that shit will end some poor skaters.

    This isn’t discrimination, bikes and skateboards and not equal. Rollerblades are CLOSE in terms of momentum, maneuverability, and flow and can coexist with skateboards relatively peacefully. It’s like a kayaking club being upset they can’t paddle through a local swimming pool. it’s just nuts.

    Get a group of BMX’rs to start a city park, and they won’t be able to because they just don’t have the same numbers or influence as skateboarders…. Don’t try to take what we’ve earned, sorry.

  • Do skateboards come with brakes now Drawier? Please don’t pretend skaters don’t snake riders too. It happens on both sides.

    Also, Im not sure being a majority or having more “influences” means you have earned anything. I think this mostly has to do with ignorance on the city’s part to recognize the need for bike parks. Im fine with the idea of separate parks, but in the mean time maybe we can find a way to share or use the park on different days.

    Maybe it would do everyone some good to remember that we are ALL riders looking for a place to do our thing.

    Finally, It’s a miracle this thing wasn’t built next to a highway or garbage dump. I would like to experience this anomaly for once in my life.

  • Actually I guess it is pretty close to a Highway but at least its next to the scenic River!

    I wanna ride this spot so bad.

  • Ron Wilkerson

    That park is too tight for bikes, anyway.



  • joe

    prolly, get a bmx. Its alot of fun.

  • Chris

    Let’s see…
    Metal coping on all surfaces (excluding the pool, which should not allow bikes), and from the specs I’ve seen from the construction they’re using the same concrete as Louisville, Athens, Delaware, etc., which all allow bikes.

    I’ve been to hundreds of parks and know that allowing bikes doesn’t destroy the park any faster. You’re hitting concrete with metal either way. Eventually it’ll deteriorate. But the SPAUSA hasn’t found any difference in parks that allow bikes vs parks that do:
    Poor construction causes deterioration, not BMX.

    Everyone wants a place they can ride. Skaters, bmxers, and rollerbladers have coexisted at numerous parks for years. Practice normal park etiquette and everything’s fine. Also, the lines being taken aren’t that different. I know skaters that go just as big as BMXers; and by the look of this park the lines aren’t that big anyway. And you’re going to have fucking collisions anyway when you have a bunch of inexperienced kids riding around. Don’t be dense.

    Don’t talk about having plenty of spots to ride either. It’s illegal and everyone hates getting ticketed. This is designed as an alternative to street riding.

    I think everyone would be down for having multiple use hours.
    Like allowing bmxers to ride the park 3 days out of the week, with skaters. If that works out, allow bikes at all hours.

    The thing is the fact that thousands of parks allow BMXers and skaters to coexist. Hell, in England/Scotland there are no parks that don’t allow bikes.

    Also, one more thing. The main reason BMX is excluded from most skateparks are due to insurance issues not regarding the longevity of the park.

  • Vas

    what are you people talking about? are you crazy?
    that park looks dope as hell, and i want to ride my 20″ and 24″ there. all day.

  • erik.b

    I must chip in here, as a someone who has witnessed BMX to Skateboarder collision, it is no joke. You can be crippled for a long time if pegs even just nip your shins.

    It would be one thing if BMX riders would wait and drop in just like skaters do at a pool session, but often I see them snake because they don’t or can’t wait. I understand the reasoning, often its unintentional and just an issue due to riding speed differences.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing BMX riders rip, and I could see potentially amazing stuff going down, but it would ruin the spot. I remember MANY times leaving the Brooklyn Banks after only being there 20 minutes, because it was too much of a pain in the ass with all the BMX riders.

    And I agree with what someone said above, BMX and Skateboards are not equal. They cannot be in the same park, the Kayak analogy was very close to truth.

  • Vas

    both skaters and bikers snake – those people are called assholes.

    i’ve coexisted with tons of skaters at tons of parks tons of times with no beef.

  • Chris

    Are you generalizing all BMXers as being inconsiderate and snakers?
    The fact that there are more skatepark manufacturers that endorse the us of BMX and skateboards in the same park should tell you that their coexistence is not detrimental to everyone.
    Everyone has the same rights to use the park. Building two parks is inefficient in terms of taxpayer’s money, so the only option is to have them use the same park.

    It would not ruin the spot either. Is the utility of the skaterboarders more valuable than the Bmxer’s? No. You don’t see BMXers advocating for a bunch of bike only parks.
    You’re maximizing the taxpayers money by having more people use the parks.

    And Jesus, stop generalizing BMXers as kids who go huge and do across-the-park transfers. You do realize that the majority of BMXers in the NYC area ride street and would go there to grind the rails, not click tur downs over skaters.

    There is metal coping on all grindable surfaces except for the pool coping (bikes should stay out the the pool because pool coping is inherently softer than normal concrete(porous and shit)).

    The fact is that BMX bikes do not destroy concrete. Collisions aren’t a concern either because bikes can stop quicker and are easier to control. Wear a fucking helmet and realize that you’re engaging in an already dangerous sport.
    Should trucks and semis stay off the road because they’d crush me in my Prius? No.
    Everyone deserves to practice and have fun in their respect sport.

    One last analogy. If you’re fishing on a lake and there are a bunch of boats scaring the fish you’d be pissed. But they have as much of a right to be there as you do. Practice normal skatepark etiquette and don’t be a douche.
    Interesting article:

  • Calzone

    skaters are a bunch of lanky, whiney little bitches. they always cry about security and having nowhere to skate. the second they get something, they turn into the security guards on everyone else. hyprocrites. let these old dirtbag heshers have their pool coping. it’s less cornballs on the streets. if you see a lanky skater giving you lip at a street spot just straight knock him the fuck out and rob him. fuck skaters

  • Tony Habib

    @Chris Bikes in parks don’t use brakes anymore so they cannot stop quicker.

    BMXers might actually win the park brawl in NYC because the skaters here are mostly kids and the bikers are all 35 year old alcoholics.

    In Pac Northwest and NorCal skaters are the sketchy ex-con types and the BMXers are kids, so the skaters rule the parks.

    The chelsea park is a crash up derby on weekends already, Adding another class of rider is not going to help out. Especially a group that takes up more space by default. If you throw bikes in there someone is going to die and the whole thing would be shut down.

    I don’t know where you are riding but there are tons of places to ride if you are a biker. You can ride the williamsburg park, or owl’s head, or the gigantic 1.5 mil park out at Corona. In fact the Chelsea park is the only cement park where bikes are not allowed. You can still ride the banks which are unskateable. Most of the skate spots in NYC are better on bikes because they are too rough or the obstacle is too big. There’s also tons of dirt jumps in the area. The east coast is actually better for bikes than it is for skateboards. Most skaters who want to be good end up moving out west somewhere. The ones who stay here mostly stay here because it’s easier to get laid. Bikes on the other hand work out better in the bad weather and rough ground.

    Personally I wish I was a biker out here. I might get a “park bike” or something just to have something to do. I am not good enough of a skater to do the gnarly street stuff here. The Chelsea park is my only solace but I have to go there at 6 in the morning to avoid the crowds.


  • skip

    Every SKATEpark requires massive amounts of advocacy by the community.

    Were bikers involved?

  • Jarshy

    “Are you generalizing all BMXers as being inconsiderate”

    aaaand the next comment?

    “if you see a lanky skater giving you lip at a street spot just straight knock him the fuck out and rob him. fuck skaters”

    Personally, I think BMXers should be allowed to at least have some time slots a few days a week. PegLESS of course. sure Pegs don’t do much to angle iron, but my local park’s concrete is thrashed from bikes :(

  • skip, were you personally involved?

    did you know that the NYC parks and recreation department have a direct connection with skateboarding non-profits that automatically exclude any bicycle advocacy groups?

    unfortunately, beginners cause the most damage. but, kids learning flatground tricks in the middle of the skatepark cause the most accidents. ALL parks require regular maintenance and care. why should a skatepark be any different? why would you want to exclude ANYONE from the same opportunities you have?

  • Woah. Shit got heated.

  • drawler

    I wanna say that I don’t think BMXers snake intentionally, or that they lack proper park educate. But the riding style is different. skateboarders NORMALLY(not always) will pull one line, front to back, and then wait their “turn”. the flow is easy to understand and wait for.

    Frequently BMX kids will ride and NOT stop at the end of the line, but make a U turn (I assume not having breaks makes this move easier than stopping every time) and they cut EVERYONE off, it happens all the time at LES park, the banks, wherever. I have mad respect for the skillful BMX riders in the city, but chelsea piers is too tight, and too fast to have them all in at once.

    already it IS a “crash derby,” there are many hips and hits and you just pick up speed in that place. It’s a fast fast park.

    and come on, a skateboards dont need breaks, powerslides, foot breaking, or just JUMPING OFF work great.

    I say BMXers out of the pool, but with their own hours a few nights a week is a good compromise.

  • whatever

    thats a tuff one. as a skateboarder i know how sketchy it is to have a bmxer fly over your head at a park but i would feel like a hyprocrite if i was to say, no bikes in the park. why don’t bmx riders rally to get there own parks? then they would be more geared toward bmx riding needs.

  • James

    As someone who has been skateboarding and riding bikes for 20+ years, I can say that having bikes at the pier 62 park will never work. Even if some of the points made by BMXrs are valid, there is one main difference between this park and any other park in the world.

    It is one the only parks EVER to be constructed on a series of foam blocks as fill, instead of gravel or dirt. What this means is that the top layer of cement is very thin. There have already been holes that have been repaired in the top layer of cement that go all the way to the foam from bikers throwing their bikes over the fence after hours, and pegs/pedals/etc. hitting the concrete. It simply won’t work here. There should be a place for BMX riders to go, but unfortunately this is not it.

    Also, the endless debate about damage pegs do or don’t do is pointless. No bmx rider is ever going to admit that pegs do more damage than trucks, and no skater is going to agree that trucks do the same damage as pegs. It comes down to experience more than anything. My friend runs an indoor park that does not allow bikes, and guess what? The maintenance problems that bikes brought to our old park do not exist at the new one. Even so, I understand that with concrete it’s a different story, but sadly it comes down to physics, and bikes simply exert more force and put a greater strain on the concrete.

    Most skatepark building companies will not even honor warranties or repair parks if cities allow bikes to ride them, which could be another factor. Some may view this as discrimination, but I would chalk it up the experience and hard work on the part of the contractors rather than petty grudges. After all, why would a city risk destroying a multi-million dollar investment? Sad perhaps, but it’s the bitter truth of the SKATEpark renaissance.

  • Kevin

    After reading these comments, I feel like all those stickers/t-shirts/etc. should read, “Skateboarding is not a crime, but biking still is.”