Chad DeGroot Inside Mr. Bikes n Boards Jun 3, 2010

Chad DeGroot is not messing around. Here he is in Mr. Bikes n Boards messing around on a Subrosa Malum. Don’t worry man, your career’s not over!

Subrosa: Chad Degroot Hang Nothing

  • Hahahaaaa! Solid.

  • newman

    dude it ain’t even a fixed gear. trend setter!!!

  • zzz not impress, go back with bmx flatland.

  • watching chad degroot in real life is retarded. very solid on a bike and as a person.

  • The man

    Reallllly? Maybe a step backward. A freewheel?!

  • cody

    no its not a fixed gear but, chad is still a pretty nice guy and probably still better than both of you (newman, gush).