Carbon Road Bike Trials Jun 17, 2010

What. The. Hell.

There are no words that describe this. Just watch.

  • wade

    just waiting for the crabon to explode out from under him …

  • d.patrick

    oh i saw this. the snob tweeted it yesterday. kind of crazy especially at the end.

  • I think hilarious could be used as an appropriate word! This would probably make roadies cringe!

  • This guy needs a 700CMX jammer and better taste in music!

  • TJ

    Martyn Ashton from the UK. Formerly of Volvo-Cannondale; Animal etc. etc.

    After the recent Chris Akrigg fixed trials videos, another UK trials rider shows how it’s done.

    Go Martyn!


  • Dæl

    Silly set-up, unnecessary music, amazing riding. Really cannot believe he went down a near vertical slope so easily. Impressive.

  • George

    “road bikes are for street track bikes are for the track” ? Damn that was amazing! Bending the rules is what i live for! DOPE

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    So, you guys still feel like you need those 45c tires?

  • Yes. They don’t show all the pinch flats or how much he fucked up his wheels!

  • radam

    that was awesome!

  • jeff

    you dont get pinch flats on carbon tubs ;P

  • dontcoast

    let’s see it with road pedals and proper seat post height !!! :D

    this is wonderful though.

  • For anyone who doesn’t know, the ‘near vertical slope’ bit is a reference the UK mountain bike video Getta Grip from about 95/96

    Here’s the original clip:

    (That’s Martyn Ashton in the blue and yellow and Martin Hawyes in the red and yellow.)

  • Andrew

    every city has two or three trials riders who can do this on any bike and listen to the worst music ever. as for the frame and wheels im sure they are more than fine.

  • Jaes

    The offroad was ‘eh’ .. the park session sold me

  • hors

    Everybody sell their fixed gear, RBFS is the new thing.

  • Makes so much sense as FGFS; maybe we’ll see road frames getting closer to BMX from now on too… ;OD

  • little miss

    what song is this? it’s amazing!