All-City Welcomes Sean Milnes Jun 7, 2010

All-City has opened its arms to New Haven’s only fixed freestyle rider, Sean Milnes. Sean’s been a great dude to get to know over the past year or so. His style and confidence as a rider has improved ten fold and ya’ll best be ready for big shit from him in 2010!

Congrats dude!

  • sean milnes

    thanks man!! see you in a couple weeks!

  • Rad man! looking forward to meeting this dude at bff

  • Congrats Sean! Good times riding New Haven yesterday…glad those wheels are fixed!!

  • sick! sean is mad ill

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    CT REP! I might have to scope where your riding in your edits (no stalker)

  • Good to see Sean getting hooked up, thanks for letting me crash with you at GTV one year