Affinity Cyclones in at Blue Lug Jun 25, 2010

Japan’s booming bike shop, Blue Lug just got in their first batch of Affinity Cyclones in matte black and blue sparkle. That means your LBS should be getting them in as well if they ordered them and it certainly means Fuzzy will get his mitts on them too!

  • unknown bike Co

    i dont like affinity

    but this design is sexy

  • TJ

    Not sure about that downtube brace. It focuses stress into one point on the downtube. Usually beyond the DT butting and on a thin-wall section. It was used on 1980s BMXs, by GJS and the legendary Hutch Trick-Star. They were all plain-gauge cro-mo and they often cracked there. Yes, I see the reinforcement plate, but the end of the plate is welded around the downtube. Unless the DT is plain-gauge or has huuuge long butts, a welded end-joint can act like a can-opener to fold the downtube near that point. See: The Gospel According To Keith Bontrager.

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