A Day in 10 Photos: 06.17.2010 Jun 18, 2010

Yesterday, the clusterfuck that is the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival weekend continued. Just about everyone’s in town, it’s strange rolling around with over 30 people but it’s a ton of fun!

These 10 photos just catch a fraction of the riding. Check out more below!

This is Gus.

He falls hard.

A lot.

But as least he doesn’t case his hop bars like AJ did. Those spokes didn’t like being treated like that!

Jakob Santos was going hard too.

He ended up landed it a few times though.

Mike was out on the new Grime frame.

Jakob blasting hop bars on the French barricade ghetto ramp.

Here’s a little sneak at Wonka’s build. More on that to come!

We’re all super hung over after an exhausting Peel Sessions and closing out Bushwick Country Club. Later tonight, we’re heading over to the Bicycle Film Festival and then out into the city to start rukkus.

Hit us up!

  • This is officially “a Gay in 10 Photos”.

  • LOL at Torey in #8. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun, though!

  • Torey’s got style!

  • Brody

    Eric holding his pecker in that first pic.

  • Faul

    Wonka moving away from GOrilla?

  • Moco Salvaje

    Why isn’t Gus showing his abs??

  • unknown bike Co

    wow the grime frame
    looks like urban bike
    or maybe it is

  • Anthony Hernandez

    Torey is that GL you’re filming with? WHY? Tell Fonseca to bust out the HVX!

  • ronnie

    Personal opinion but Freestyle Fixed is getting boring now I’m over it, I feel like its dying and people are trying to make it survive for all the wrong reasons like this blog isn’t fun to read anymore and toreys blog showcases all the time how much more fun bmx is.Why don’t we just all ride that and get together and shit. Everything is just losing all its luster. But Grime doing big things though but it totally looks like an old mtb frame how do you tell the differenc? No Hate.

  • kpgh

    Pittsburgh hat, nice.